LAPD versus Forensic Science

Forensic Science has cleared Scott Peterson
by Albert Carlin

I am a forensic psychologist and confident about the fact that Scott Peterson did not murder his wife Laci. Scott Peterson would have to be a sociopath or a psycopath to be guilty of murdering his own pregnant wife and unborn child, and there is no evidence to suggest either.

Judges believe they can predict dangerous behavior and that is not always true. Psychologists derive the truth from empirical proof and there is nothing in Scott Peterson's life, background or psychological profile, to make him a killer. It is safe to say that if there was even the remote hint of evidence which would justify calling Scott Peterson a murderer, forensic psychologists would have notified Larry King, to present their evidence. Nobody has ever proven anything because there is nothing to prove, regarding Scott Peterson's guilt.

The closer one looks at Scott Peterson, the more obvious it becomes that he had absolutely nothing to do with the alleged murder of Laci Peterson.

As forensic psychologists, we understand the temptation of police who act prematurely in forming a conclusion about the likely perpetrator. These early hunches guide investigators toward questions and procedures that validate their beliefs, but these suspicions have absolutely nothing to do with the guilt or innocence of Scott Peterson.

When Laci went missing, Scott Peterson became the immediate target of suspicion and the police were so frustrated by their failure to gather the evidence they needed to arrest Scott, they began to rely upon the "experts" in the media, to 'get Scott.' Scott Pterrson was targeted, accused and convicted on national television, the court room was merely the echo chamber of the absolute refusal to accept the simple fact that Scott Peterson is innocent.

The Scott Peterson investigation is a textbook case about the power of the self-fulfilling prophesy. Scott Peterson has always been the focus of the investigation, we like to assume that the police would never focus on the wrong person and with all the pundits in the media supporting the witchhunt, why would anybody expect anything beyond the predictable, miscarriage of justice that unfolded?

If we erroneously assume that Scott Peterson is the culprit and if the police feed off the demagogues in the media, there is really no need for a trial.

The deferral of the arrest of Scott Peterson reflected the failure to find the evidence the police needed, to genuinely prove that Scott Peterson had murdered Laci. Froman investigative standpoint,it is an absolute obscenity to suggest that the bodies miraculously surfaced and implicated a man who had neither the motive, the means, the oportunity, nor the psychoogical profile of the person who murdered Laci and dumbed her body. Having pretended that their investigation was always right on target and having focused on a single suspect, there is no doubt about the fact that the act of challenging Scott Peterson's alibi by placing the bodies in the so called "scene of the crime" was like enlisting the entire world in the effort to frame Scott Peterson, and that is exactly why he is in jail today. No reasonable person would suggest that Scott Peterson had anything to do with the murder of Laci, becaus ethe evidence is simply not there.

Forensic Intelligence, or Law Enforcement information is graded on a dual scale in terms of reliability: A through F for the source (A being a person reporting direct data..."My name is Scott and I am standing here before you..." to C being "My name is Chris and I am now in Seattle writing this..." to an F source ... "I am the alien who protected Laci's fetus." Quality of information is based on "whether the source has reported reliably in the past." It is on A1 through 6 scale. If we have an A1 source we are pretty lucky...and that almost never happens, and an F6 source...well, that reflects the people who have created the impression that the National Enquirer is credible, when it indicates that Scott Peterson murdered Laci, because that's where the story broke, and it was equally unreasonable.

Most of the material that forensic investigators work with is about B1 to B3...a forensic test, for example, is almost always from a qualified lab which has reported DNA findings accurately. Forensic evidence did not play any part in ScottPeterson'sconviction, and that was clear even before the trial started, because Law Enforcement statements about the tests, about when the samples were collected and the time required for the DNA to be amplified and screened, passed without fanfare. Law enforcement did not even produce B3 data,to implicate Scott Peterson. Law enforcement is certainly not performing at the "A" level, and they in fact operate don such a low level, that Scott Peterson should have never been arrested in the first place. But that would be too frustrating to handle, wouldn't it?

In Canada, the justice system is equally prone to permit grotesques travesties ofjustice. If a young man named Daniel Sylvestore did not confess to murder, a young man named Sean Hine would have been falsely convicted for the murder of his girlfriend, and like Laci's parents, who were a significant, driving force behind Scott Peterson's false conviction, the victim's parents promoted contempt for a young man who was allegedly un-cooperative because he could not produce the victim's body. In time, Sean Hine would have been forced to spend the rest of his life in prison, simply because he could not identify the real killer. A confession saved his life. Scott Peterson did not share Sean Hine's good fortune because the person who murdered Laci did not confess and that is the only difference between Sean Hine and Scott Peterson.

Tunnel-vision authorities had publicly labeled Sean Hine and they were literally preparing to tie the noose around his neck. Indeed, both the police and the victim's parents publicly claimed that Sean Hine was un-cooperative, and that is the first step of the process to lynch an innocent man.

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