American Idol -Final Four

April 29, 2009

Ryan Seacrest introduces tonight's American Idol results show with the news that more than 47 million votes were cast last night. So he has the results! Of course, we won't learn them for a while.

And when the results were announced, we finally got a real "American Idol" shocker.

In Wednesday's elimination show, Adam Lambert, the theatrical singer who had seemed to be a front-runner for the "Idol" crown, was in the bottom two.

How very interesting. The night after Fox fended off a strong showing from CBS in the overall ratings numbers (Fox had 16.1 million total live viewers, according to TV by the Numbers, compared to CBS' 15.1 million), this season of "Idol" became a horse-race, not merely the coronation of a front-runner.

Finally, there's some real drama on that "Idol" stage. And for Fox, it couldn't have come at a better time. Will the Adam situation halt the decline in "Idol's" live ratings? Who knows. At least the drama made the crowning of the Final Four more interesting, though we saw that the judges' save wasn't much of a save at all, as Matt Giraud went home...but...

The good news for Matt was that he left the show on a high note, nailing the falsetto ending (and mostly everything else) on his exit performance of "My Funny Valentine," and appearing genuinely thankful for and moved by his Idol experience. And so what if the best parting advice Randy could offer was "continue to make it hot," Matt can at least be proud that he got booted after an evening of performances that were so uniformly solid, they even had Simon backtracking and declaring Rat Pack night the best Top 5 performance show in Idol history.


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