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Angry Republicans

Who is David Gergen? If you watch the video above, you will realize that David Gergen is the Karl Rove of American politics and he is busy working on the next coronation. Needless to say, a master manipulator like David Gergen does not expose his hand until the game is over, but if you decipher his agenda, it will become clear and obvious that his next mission is to make Jeb Bush the next President of the United States.

Secret organizations like the Bohemian Grove are the forum which sets the policy that Gergen appears to embrace.

On February 3, 2010, David Gergen said, "I think what he (President Obama) ought to be doing, frankly, is some more listening, too. You know, a listening tour in which he listened to a lot of citizens. You know, these tea party folks who are meeting this week, you know, their argument is "nobody is listening to us." I think the more the government listens to citizens and then responds after a number of comments, I think that would be healthy."

It is no secret that Republican Party consultants organize the so-called independent Tea Parties, and the suggestion that Obama has anything to gain from listening to those folks who seek to subvert the mandate of the President of the United States, is simply preposterous.

Needless to say, David Gergen sounded like a Republican strategist who was trying to humiliate Obama the way Clinton was during the midterm elections, and that became quite clear and obvious during this February 3, 2010 exchange Blitzer and Gergen:

Wolf Blitzer: "I guess the question, is it really possible -- 59 Democrats, 57 Democrats, two Independents who caucus with the Democrats -- is it really possible they could be in the minority after the midterm election this year?"

David Gergen: "Well, Wolf, you know, only a few months ago, that was outside the realm of imagination -- totally unimaginable. At best, the Republicans might pick up two, three or four seats. But now, after Scott Brown's victory, given the sourness in the country, the reality is setting in -- the new reality is setting in for Democrats, hey, these Republicans can make sizable gains and it is mathematically possible. It is, for the first time, within the realm of imagination, they could actually pick up control. Let's look at it. As you know, there are 100 seats in the Senate. The Republicans right now need -- have 41. They need to pick up 10.

Since Obama successfully thwarted the plans of those who thought that the "election of Scott Brown" would kill health care reform, David Gergen has changed his tune.

On March 22nd, 2010, David Frum, Jeffrey Toobin and David Gergen re-visited their discussion about health care reform on CNN. David Frum called the Republican failure to derail health care reform their Waterloo. Toobin said that Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Baggers are now the face of the Repulican party and David Gergen disagreed with everybody.

David Gergen said Obama's victory is a Republican opportunity to come up with new ideas. Isn't that a hysterical assessment?

Needless to say, David Gergen's new idea is that he wants to grow the Tea Party Movement and to turn it into Jeb Bush's constituency in 2012.

Is that a new idea?

The truth of the matter is, the Republicans overplayed their hand, they lost an all-in showdown over health care reform with Obama, and now, the Democrats are the only party that is willing to govern. The Republicans have been reduced to failed takeover schemers.

When David Gergen spins Republican failure he exposes the fact that he is a desperate Republican strategist who is pretending to be a political analyst, and that is unfortunate because credibility is important.

The failure to pass the Health Care Bill was supposed to signify the end of the Democrats in Washington, and now that it has passed, why doesn't David Gergen simply admit the fact that it should signify the end of the Republicans as David Frum strongly suggested, when he said, "We followed the most radical voices in the party and the movement, and they led us to abject and irreversible defeat."

Passage of health care reform was a clear political victory for President Obama and his allies in Congress, when is David Gergen and the rest of the media going to figure that out?

Finally, did the pollsters get it right?


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