Greatest Media
Gotcha Back !
Greatest Truth
You think it's fiction.
Greatest Reporter
Can Logic fix our mistakes?
Greatest President
Washington to Obama.
Greatest Car
No argument here.
Geatest Man
An icon by destiny.
Greatest Woman
An icon by design.
Greatest Western
Seeing is believing.
Greatest Comic
Not what you think.
Greatest Fraud
The political reality show.
Greatest Athlete
Will he do it again?
Graeatest Bias
News is factual.
Greatest Liar
Politics as usual.
Greatest Report
Uncovering the slander.
Greatest Historian
We should not ignore history.
Greatest Politician
A national monument.
Greatest Coincidence
This should make you a believer.
Greatest Tea Party
Sarah Palin was not invited.
Greatest Doctor
Laughter is the best medicine.
Greatest Song
Talent before Idol.
Greatest Villain
American injustice.
Greatest Research
A tough act to follow.


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