Hostage Crisis

On April 22 2000, just before dawn, armed federal agents stormed the home of Elian's Miami relatives, seized the six year old boy and reunited him with his father for the first time since November. It took less than 3 minutes to rescue Elian and given the resolve of the protesters who surrounded the house, the fact that nobody was seriously injured was an undeniable testament to how well planned and executed the entire operation was. The days preceding the raid were filled with wishful reports which strongly suggested that Janet Reno did not have the backbone to enforce a raid. She was, according to the common taunt, a Waco flashback victim and the exceedingly high prospect of violence in Miami was supposed to keep Janet Reno in check. But Janet Reno responded swiftly when it was least expected and when the crowd of protestors was small.

The fact that Janet Reno averted a violent, Waco-style confrontation, was absolutely miraculous. Hostile, anti-Casro hysteria had clearly erased every opportunity for the peaceful transfer of Elian Gonzalez, from the Miami relatives to the father, and a violent confrontation was deemed to be inevitable. Elian was treated like a symbol of the 40 year long, violent confrontation with Fidel Castro, and and as Janet Reno herself discovered, in the context of the war against Fidel Castro, it was simply not possible to reason with the hysteria. It was only possible to violently rescue Elian Gonzalez, because in the final analysis, terrorists refuse to negotiate and they had to be outsmarted.

The Elian Gonzalez fiasco is a reflection of the media circus that politics has become. Politics has become a circus illusion where black is called white and white is called black. The magic of the circus is the novelty of the gimmicks, but after eight years of developing plots in effort to disgrace the Clinton Administration, the magic has died.

The scheme to revive the passion of retiring Cold War fanatics died swiftly as well.

When hysterical extremists claim that their civil rights are being abused, think again. Linda Tripp supporters, for example, like to claim that she was an honest whistle blower, but the fact that she was the pathetic pawn of the vast right wing Inquisition that targeted the Clinton administration is not credibly disputed.

In fact, Linda Tripp's cohorts are "retired" spies like Lucianne Goldberg, an enemy of Clinton who enthusiastically engaged the campaign to criminalize the President. Not surprisingly, their efforts to destroy Clinton failed, in part, because their McCarthyite charges warranted the contempt they received, but that is the entire extent of their contribution to society.

Lunatic fringe character assassins like Barbara Olson and Anne Coulter did their utmost to label unindicted criminal like Linda Tripp a genuine hero, but the will of the majority prevailed. The Insane Clown Posse, as they were appropriately dubbed, had no mission beyond the relentless effort to fraudulently criminalize the Clinton White House.

It is certainly no surprise that as long as these bigots are in town, the circus is never very far away. In the good old days, you needed a ticket -today, it’s in your living room. Just turn on the set and you cannot possibly avoid the constand barrage of hatred spewed by the likes of Anne Coulter, Larry Klayman, Joe DiGenova, Barbara Olson and Lucianne Goldberg. The uninterrupted opportunity to rant and rave about the world according to the lunatic fringe was called freedom of the press but in fact, it was the failure to muzzle those who unfairly targeted the President of the United States. Geraldo Rivera tries to restore balance by challenging the lunacy, but his show was ultimately cancelled because anyone who challenged the interests of the lunatic fringe was muzzled.

The predictable ranting and raving of the lunatic fringe is not newsworthy, it is merely the lockstep unity of the hysterical pronouncements that brought Elian González to the shores of America.

The clowns are all the same. The scripted tale that dolphins escorted Elian’s inner tube to safety reflects the behind-the-scenes, maneuvers of their well oiled, ministry of propaganda. The nauseating tales disseminated by self-satisfied political operatives like Ronald Reagan's former speechwriter, Peggy Noonan, who claimd that a school of dolphins rescued Elián from the perils of the Florida Strait and "surrounded him like a contingent of angels" is blessed bliss, until one seeks to understand the fate of his poor mother.

Peggy Noonan predictably cited "possible evidence of the reasonable assumption that God's creatures had been commanded to protect one of God's children." Peggy Noonan did not explain the fact that these miracle dolphins that allegedly escorted Elian Gonzalez to safety did not rescue the mother that was more responsible for the welfare of her child than any of God's dolphins.

The nonsense that Peggy Noonan promoted was supposed to give rabid anti-Castro zealots the opportunity to speak for Elian's mother, and they certainly did the utmost in that regard. Even Tom Delay promoted the need "to adhere to his mother's wishes" and he certainly acted like an ignorant, family court Judge who was prepared to deny the rights of a compassionate father. [Our apologies to all those decent family court Judges who are fair to both parties in a vicious custody battle.]

In the final analysis, Elian González and his father were essentially terrorized by irrational, hysterical fanatics, and in the absence of Clinton Justice Department intervention, the tragedy of this grotesque fiasco would have claimed much more than the mother who failed to survive the ordeal.

The nightmare that Juan Miguel González endured coincided with the 36th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. Militant, anti-Castro fanatics consider the 22nd of November to be the day that justice was served, because when Kennedy had refused to launch a full scale invasion of Cuba, he had allegedly betrayed anti-Castro exiles who had risked their lives during the botched Bay of Pigs fiasco. The botched, Elian Gonzales fiasco appears to be nothing more than deja vu.

It is therefore not a great surprise that on November 22nd 1999, as Juan Miguel González panicked because his 5 year old son was nowhere to be found, the miracle that was supposed to free the Cuban people from 40 years of Castro's domination, was about to miraculously land in Little Havana.

The forty year battle to destroy Castro has generated unprecedented hatred and hysteria. Former FBI agent Robert Maheau, J. Edgar Hoover's patriotic soulmate, exposed the perverse sense of law and order that the war against Castro has produced when he claimed that John F. Kennedy was a certifiable murderer because he had refused to use the full force of the American military to invade Cuba during the aborted Bay of Pigs invasion. It is difficult to believe that people actually think that way, but Robert Maheau's feeble attempt to "educate" the US Senate, removed all doubt. Brimming with pride and self-righteous indignation, Robert Maheau said, "Senator, I find it difficult to understand all the time and money that is being spent to determine if our country plotted to murder a foreign leader -a murder that never took place -when there is no evidence that any time and money is being spent to turn the spotlight on the murders that in fact did take place. The murders I mean were the boys killed during the botched Bay of Pigs our volunteers attempted to land or actually did land on the beaches, they were destroyed by Russian hardware that we should have destroyed according to the plan. And that, gentlemen, is murder."

It sounds like all the jails are filled with all the wrong people, doesn't it?

Prior to the raid that freed Elian, Florida Governor Jeb Bush wrote to Clinton and Reno, to tell them that "the forcible separation of Elian and his current caregivers is unwise and unwarranted." George W. Bush was "profoundly saddened . . . that the administration . . . decided to use force to take a little boy from the place he calls home in the middle of the night." A Boston Globe editorial succincly defined the legitimacy of the raid to rescue Elian in the following terms: "If humanity and the rule of law were to be preservered, the federal government had no other choice. Attorney General Janet Reno, herself from Miami, had exhausted every last avenue of compromise - even into early Saturday." The New York Times criticized what it called "A Precipitous Raid" and claimed that Attorney General Janet Reno "should have applied more legal pressure on the Miami relatives before battering down their door to remove Elian."

Donato Dalrymple, the imposter fisherman who is credited with rescuing Elian Gonzalez is a rabidly anti-Castro fanatic. In his own words, "We are aiding and abeting in this country, a murderer and a criminal by the name of Fidel Castro." It is not possible to reason with such hysterics, and the only certainty is that whatever they say is not reliable. Larry Klayman claimed that President Bill Clinton "cut a deal with Fidel Castro."

In the meantime, Elian Gonzalez exposed the truth about the "magic dolphins". He repeatedly told his cousin Marisleysis Gonzalez that he kept sinking and "that every time he tried to fall under because he couldn't hold on, it would push him, something would push him up, and he said it was the dolphins." When Elian Gonzalez drew a picture of the "magic dolphin" that assisted him, it had an arm and it was wearing a mask, like a frogman.

Whoever "rescued" Elian Gonzalez ought to come forward and claim his or her hero status because it is clearly not possible for a five year old to otherwise survive what was called a 50 hour ordeal at the hands of the merciless sea, without human intervention.

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