Talent and Prejudice

Understand the power of prejudice, it rules the world. Susan Boyle lost "Britain's Got Talent" just days after Adam Lambert lost "American Idol"? The harsh reality behind the judgement of reality TV shows is that personal prejudice rules.

Boyle and Lambert lost public contests because of their private lives.

Boyle and Lambert were so heavily favored to win that voters picked opponents because they wanted their votes to have maximum effect.

These contests reveal more about the prejudices of the voters than they do about the real talent of contestants. In Lambert's case, he obviously had greater artistic chops than Kris Allen, just like Clay Aiken was so clearly superior to Ruben Studdard, but both lost as whispers that they might be gay became deafening.

YouTube sensation Susan Boyle, was probably defeated by the same things that propelled her to the finals: her frumpiness. She had enough support among a passionate minority to get her thus far, but when she needed the backing of a majority of the masses, she flopped.

Over time, Boyle and Lambert may have more substantial showbiz careers than the rivals who beat them, just like the Aiken versus Studdard outcome. Passionate minority fan bases rally behind their idols, proving them to be the real winners.

There is a lesson to be learned here... The only thing that really counts in any endeavor is not what or who you vote against, but what you actually stand for.

Throw that prejudice away, it is absolutely corrosive.

In fact, it is the actual source of all those violent custody battles that divide families.


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Greatest Performance ever !

Greatest Performance ever !