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Name: Emily
Country: USA
Comments: Justin, thank you for sending me this site. It is beautifully done and I appreciate the honesty of the photographs you chose.
E-mail: princesa394@hotamail.com
Date: 20:52:13, October 03

Name: Marsha
City: Roswell, NM
Country: USA
Comments: What a lovely way to share memories of a man most of us knew and loved simply because he was JFK JR. And how poignant a reminder this is that we are indeed all one family - "We are all related" is a profound statement illustrated by our collective grief for this young man and his family.
E-mail: blackcloud@leaco.net
Date: 20:17:09, October 03

Name: Gail
City: Bentonville
Country: USA
Comments: Some people, for whatever reason, have the ability to make us want to be better humans beings. Through their eyes we see the possible goodness and greatness in all of us. To lose someone with that gift is not only heartbreaking , but terrifying. Because of JFK, Jr. we are better than we were and we know we are not yet what we can be. Rest in peace dear one.
E-mail: grogers@ucsinet.com
Date: 18:56:19, October 03

Name: Pam Roberts
City: N.Y.
Country: USA
Comments: John: I hope that your legacy lives on. You were too precious to God, so he took you back from us too soon. May you rest in peace.
E-mail: pdr@gateway.net
Date: 18:15:09, October 03

Name: Father Monty
City: Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
Country: America
Comments: The tributes I have read for JFK, Jr., Carolyn and Lauren, are in many cases quite wonderful. They represented a "kinder, gentler America," and many of those expressing their sadness of what happened also represent that ideal of kindness and gentleness that America so needs after the horror of Columbine, Waco, and Jonesboro. I was struck by the perceptive comment of someone who said that JFK and JFK, Jr., had every gift but years. Absolutely!! But I also recall a poem by Conferedate Chaplain Father Joseph Ryan in which he wrote in 1862 that he measured the years by his tears, not by how silver one's hair may be or by the number of years we live. He, too, was perceptive because I also count the years by my tears. My tears are for the young lad I knew called Jeremy Guttuso who died at just 16 years old after his 17 year old friend was uncontrolably drunk in a car accident. Jeremy was a lad with great promise. He was like JFK, Jr., he had all the gifts but years. I remember the year of Jeremy's death by my tears. And to know that he had been snuffed out in a moment and in a flash and was gone forever . . . And, the echoes of my everlasting farewell will always be with Jeremy. And, so our tears extend to all who have been snuffed out in a moment of horrible tragedy--like JFK, Jr., Carolyn, and Lauren. They will not experience the tears of those touched by what happened to them. Nor did Jeremy. The closest to those we have lost, the deepest are our tears. And so, I write to tell you of my feelings and to share them with all of you--no matter your creed,your race, your political opinion, or your national origin--who have given your tears out of such horror and sudden loss of those we speak of. Faithfully, Father Monty, Anglican Rite Synod of America, 401 South Necaise Avenue, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi 39520-4429. USA. Tel/Fax: 228.466.2767. PS -Those who may like to read my Kennedy Memorial Letter may so do so at: >www.archbishops.org/Kennedy1.htm<
E-mail: frmonty@episcopal.cc
Date: 17:19:39, October 03

Name: dawn northam
City: oregon
Country: usa
Comments: thank you for supporting the memory and life of JFK jr.
E-mail: ibtinyd@cnnw.net
Date: 14:33:02, October 03

Name: Theresa
City: Fitzgerald
Country: USA
Comments: Thanks for giving us a chance to express our feelings about JFK,JR. We all miss him very much and we shoudl continue to pray for his family. God Bless, Theresa Davis
E-mail: resa@alltel.net
Date: 13:39:16, October 03

Name: m esteban
City: Marikina
Country: Philippines
Comments: It was enlighted to know a lot of thing from u. it a superb site informative , i just want u to continue and im with you and the rest of those who is out there!
Date: 13:21:00, October 03

Name: m eteban
City: Marikina
Country: Philippines
Comments: It was enlighted to know a lot of thing from u. it a superb site informative , i just want u to continue and im with you and the rest of those who is out there!
Date: 13:19:34, October 03

Name: vanessa king
City: oklahoma city
Country: us
Comments: I did not know him personally, but his work and life touched my heart as if I had. My deepest sympathy goes out to both families and may god bless you.......
E-mail: lainek4@hotmail.com
Date: 12:59:03, October 03

Name: Gregory Courtney
City: Washington
Country: DC
Comments: In every generation, there is one man or woman who ups the ante, raises the bar, shows us all that we can be better human beings. John was that person for my generation. He epitomized grace, dignity and possessed a great generosity of spirit.
E-mail: gcourtney@akingump.com
Date: 12:08:07, October 03

Name: Gregory Courtney
City: Washington
Country: DC
Comments: In every generation, there is one man or woman who ups the ante, raises the bar, shows us all that we can be better human beings. John was that person for my generation. He epitomized grace, dignity and a possessed a great generosity of spirit.
E-mail: gcourtney@akingump.com
Date: 12:07:11, October 03

Name: Justin Cassidy
City: New York
Country: USA
Comments: Thank You so much for teaching me all about what JFK Jr. meant to you all. The world has lost a young man who motivated by example, and you have done a wonderful job defining the spirit of this Natural Born Leader.
E-mail: justicewell@yahoo.com
Date: 11:39:52, October 03

Name: Kristi
City: Knoxville
Country: USA
Comments: This sudden tradegy for the Kennedy's is deeply felt by all! I have very much enjoyed your website and it shows how deeply John and Carolyn were loved through out the country! They will be deeply missed but they will live on in everyones memory!!
E-mail: durskyranch@lisco.com
Date: 10:40:05, October 03

Name: Rae
City: love
Country: USA
Comments: Though the loss of John, Carolyn, and Lauren is still deeply felt, and I am sure it will be a tragedy never forgotten, we must as a nation and world concentrate on the needs of the living, as John Kennedy would have wanted it. We must pay attention to the environmental and human crises we are facing. There are so many things we can do to help each other and our planet. In doing these things-we will keep John, Carolyn, and Lauren's memories alive. Peace on earth-good will towards men-this should be our daily motto. God blesses us all-we should pray in appreciation for all we have and try not to take things for granted. Let's teach love and understanding.
E-mail: xoxo
Date: 03:32:02, October 03

Name: Jillian
City: Willmar
Country: USA
Comments: JFK Jr. was simply, a great person. He was what this country stood for, and what it needed. In a world so destroyed by violence, and hardship, he was the one and only true role model left. I will remember him, and Carolyn, forever. We will all miss you.
E-mail: jillian_5@hotmail.com
Date: 02:46:32, October 03

Name: Mina
City: Placentia
Country: USA
E-mail: minamonroe1999@yahoo.com
Date: 00:47:33, October 03

Name: Jeni
Country: USA
Comments: never forget.....
E-mail: bsbdivahd@aol.com
Date: 00:46:32, October 03

Name: Carlos Jose Osorio
City: Bogota
Country: Colombia
Comments: Thanks for telling me about this site. He was a truth legacy of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. All of us, Colombian people, miss him. God bless him forever and ever.
E-mail: cjosorio68@hotmail.com
Date: 00:26:28, October 03

Name: Jane Angel
City: Santa Ana
Country: U.S.A.
Comments: Although the media coverage has ceased about JFK, Jr., he will remain in our hearts forever. I already miss not seeing him from time to time on the news. I have followed his life from the day his father was buried and even before.
E-mail: X
Date: 00:24:31, October 03

Name: Jessica
City: boonville
Country: u.s.a
Comments: i thought that you have alot of good pictures that brought back the memories of jfk jr. and to the person who made this site. thanks for writting to me and telling me about this site. otherwise i wouldent have found it most likely.
E-mail: blacky696969@hotmail.com
Date: 00:19:37, October 03

Name: Johnnie Askew
City: Cincinnati
Country: USA
Comments: Thank you for providing us with an informative thought provoking document. I have a great respect for who John Kennedy was. I miss him.
E-mail: Winddancer451@Prodigy.net
Date: 00:04:47, October 03

Name: Amy G.
City: Buffalo
Country: USA
Comments: I loved your site very much, especially the pictures; the pictures are all we have left of him and we must cherish those forever; we love and miss you John Jr.
E-mail: gorom@bluemoon.net
Date: 22:18:59, October 02

Name: Hélène Staley
City: Moncure
Country: USA
Comments: My previous 2nd message got cut off too. Here is the rest of it. This is the third section of note one. "We should stay focused and thankful --- taking every opportunity to love each other through kind deeds and prayers."
E-mail: metallo@alltel.net
Date: 21:58:46, October 02

Name: Hélène Staley
City: Moncure
Country: USA
Comments: My first message got cut off! Here is the rest of it: "....but what about the rest of us? We all have special talents and expertises to contribute too. There are living people suffering. The need for love and kind deeds are beckoning everyone everyday, so take the cotton out of your ears! Open your eyes! JFK, Jr. is at peace -- as far as, we all know. We should comfort and help the living and not wallow in pity or finger-pointing. Nice tributes to those who have passed on are exceptionally sweet, but don't forget to use some of that energy to thank God for people who inspire us and enlighten us. Certainly, JFK, Jr. was one of those, but there are others who continue to do this who are still among the living. Society mourns the loss of public people we have loved, but we need to remember that life goes on. Public figures should not become idols. JFK, Jr. was a man; not a god. Wars, earthquakes, child hunger, abuse, poverty and other sadnesses need comfort and prompt attention. We should stay focused and
E-mail: metallo@alltel.net
Date: 21:55:13, October 02

Name: Hélène
City: Moncure
Country: USA
Comments: I spent nearly an hour reading your conclusions and opinions about public figures, successful businessmen and others. To think that all of the disceptive finger-pointing political/ business and personal games go on within plain sight of God. We only seem to take note of His existence and Love, His power to punish or comfort when our emotions peak or threaten thunder! We are all such shameful creatures -- scurrying about this globe, greedy for power, money, status. We all came into this world innocent, and during our journeys, we have fallen many times. Some of us have used the backs of others to step up on without permission, while others have been pulled up by greedy hands to be used, exploited or abused in some way for another's race for power. We should race to love our neighbors, countrymen, allies, friends, family and even foes. JFK, Jr. died tragically, and if anyone other than himself had anything to do with it, there is nothing we can do about it now. He was a special human being, but what about the
E-mail: metallo@alltel.net
Date: 21:45:48, October 02

City: manassas
E-mail: cml98@gte.net
Date: 21:43:35, October 02

Name: Pam
City: Middletown
Country: USA
Comments: This is a very nice tribute page. Thanks for sending it to me. The Kennedys, all of them were beautiful people who unfortunatley never got to enjoy a full life.
E-mail: pamangelos22@yahoo.com
Date: 18:06:20, October 02

This is a private message. Date: 17:16:16, October 02

Name: Charles
Country: US
Comments: This is a very nice site! -- I particularly like the pictures (they are very clear shots), Please also visit our website about the Kennedys: http://www.kennedy-family.com/
Date: 17:03:25, October 02

Name: Rosemary
City: Los Angeles
Country: U.S.A.
Comments: John, Carolyn and Lauren, you are missed
E-mail: Rogo1ins@aol.com
Date: 17:03:15, October 02

Name: Paul Maskarina
City: Mason city
Country: U.S.A
Comments: Our deepest sympathy is always with you.
Date: 15:35:33, October 02

Name: Robin Rosenberg Aiscowitz
City: Egg Harbor Twp
Country: USA
Comments: John and Carolyn embodied the spirit of America and although they are gone, their light burned brightly for the 1000 days they were together. Rest in peace with the angels.
E-mail: NJTerpGirl7@yahoo.com
Date: 15:26:54, October 02

Name: cheryl bennett
City: louisville
Country: usa
Comments: I thank you for including me in your book. These people touched my heart in a very special way. I will always think of them. They were special light to this world.
Date: 14:46:44, October 02

Name: Tony Marren
City: Provo
Country: America
Comments: My heart ached as I read the account of John Kennedy Jr dying. I believed in him.I admired his vision.I'll remember him with the hope that what he did wont slip into far off memories.... " ...Their strength shall be renewed...they shall mount on the wings of Eagles...and shall indeed partake of Paradise in its glory and power." farewell beloved Prince...by the power of the Spirit may you know we love and miss your presence...
Date: 14:24:54, October 02

Name: Kerry
City: Lowell, MA
Country: USA
Comments: What an awesome site...THANK YOU Justice for sending me here :)!!
E-mail: Irishlsse@aol.com
Date: 13:38:53, October 02

Name: rosemary urban
City: ocala,fl
Country: usa
Comments: we are sadden by this, but you will remain in our hearts
E-mail: rurban9045@AOL.COM
Date: 13:37:37, October 02

Name: sherry
City: deer park
Country: usa
Comments: words can't tell all our feelings....
Date: 13:10:24, October 02

Name: Teresa Brown
City: Augusta, Ga
Country: USA
Comments: Thank you for sharing these great memories with all of us who loved and cared for John John and the first family. John John you will always be with us in our hearts and minds. You were taken away so young and way to soon. No one can remove the precious memories that you gave to all who loved you. As you, your beautiful wife and sister-in-law rest in a better place keep watch for each of us who have to remain.
E-mail: y
Date: 12:02:30, October 02

Name: Teresa Brown
City: Augusta
Country: USA
Comments: You will always be with us in our hearts and minds. No one can remove the precious memories that you gave to all who loved you. As you rest in a better place keep watch for each of us that have to remain.
E-mail: y
Date: 11:35:03, October 02

Name: Lisa B.
City: Port St Lucie
Country: USA
Comments: We will never know what he truley would have become. I do believe it would have been GREAT. Now he'll share his greatness with GOD.
E-mail: Floridamom3@yahoo.com
Date: 11:30:23, October 02

Name: Sonia D. Smith
City: Frisco, Tx
Country: USA
Comments: Justin, thank you for sending this site to me. It is great and all I can say, is I don't think JFK, Jr. knew what he really ment to the world. Long live his memory. The world is missing you.
E-mail: soniad@gateway.net
Date: 10:26:45, October 02

Name: Mike Vig
City: Toronto
Country: Canada
Comments: You may have gone for ever, John John but you still live in our hearts....there's NO closure on this.
E-mail: musemark69@hotmail.com
Date: 10:19:16, October 02

Name: Mike Vig
City: Toronto
Country: Canada
Comments: You may have gone for ever, John John but you still live in our hearts....there's NO closure on this.
E-mail: musemark69@hotmail.com
Date: 10:18:25, October 02

Name: J Hertzog
City: Crossville
Country: USA
Comments: Dear John-John: You saluted your father on the day of his funeral and now we may salute you for the courageous life that you led and your sister, Caroline for being one of the White House first families, and all the tradegies that struck the Kennedy name. You stuck by your mother and ya'll stuck together in the worst of times. You are now in the hands of the Lord and you are reunited with your wonderful parents once again. We salute you and rest in peace.
E-mail: 10acn@citlink.net
Date: 08:25:32, October 02

Name: Janet Downie
City: Calgary
Country: Canada
Comments: I thank you for this site. It was done lovingly and answered alot of my unanswered questions.
E-mail: bjdownie@telusplanet.net
Date: 01:45:21, October 02

This is a private message. Date: 01:03:11, October 02

Name: Ariel A. Sunico
City: Manila
Country: Philippines
Comments: Hi Justin! Yes, I really like your webpage about JFK. Thanks for the invitation. Ariel
E-mail: aasunico@hotmail.com
Date: 23:34:48, October 01

Name: Tommy McCarthy
City: New York
Country: USA
Comments: With you goes a big piece of my heart. I never realized one persons departure could effect so many lives while most probably never knew you.You were a true human being and I wish I would have known you. GOOD-BYE BROTHER!
E-mail: tm55@worldnet.att.net
Date: 23:26:40, October 01

Name: Jonna Belansky
City: Pittsburgh
Country: U.S.A
Comments: What a wonderful site you got here....my eyes was watering when I saw JFK Jr. picture....he is one of a kind!! Keep up your good work
Date: 23:19:42, October 01

Name: Laura Leach
City: Omaha
Country: usa
Comments: The ad in my People magazine said it best: 1 plane crash. 250,000,000 hurt.
E-mail: wifeolano@yahoo.com
Date: 23:02:53, October 01

Name: Cruz Diaz
City: San Francisco
Country: USA
Comments: My heart still aches at our loss - I celebrate his wonderful life, but I cannot help but wonder what SHOULD have been. He will live on in our hearts.... We should always hold Caroline close to our hearts as well... we are all she has.
E-mail: carpediem333@earthlink.net
Date: 20:32:14, October 01

Name: Kimberly Krueger
City: Arlington Hts
Country: USA
Comments: This site is beautiful and JFK Jr. will be missed. I've been thinking of getting a small four leafed clover tattooed on my ankle as a small tribute to him. He could have done so much for the government but now we will never know. His memory and his wife's will always live on.
E-mail: kmkrueger@ameritech.net
Date: 18:54:20, October 01

Name: Carolynn
City: Newaygo
Country: USA
Comments: John John you will be sadly missed. We will never know what might have been. Our country had such great hopes and I had dreams for you that will never come to pass. You lived and loved and at least died a happy man with Carolyn your beloved wife. May you rest in peace and God watch over you.
Date: 18:45:17, October 01

Name: christine
City: mayking. KY
Country: USA
Date: 18:32:22, October 01

Name: Debbie
City: New York
Country: USA
Comments: To quote an old movie "what you've missed, what we've both missed". Thank you Justin for sending this site to me, we will miss him always, and what could have been.....
Date: 18:26:16, October 01

Name: Patricia
City: Charlotte
Country: USA
Comments: Thank you for keeping the spirit of JFK Jr. alive.
E-mail: pjpart@carolina.rr.com
Date: 17:42:31, October 01

Name: angel parent
City: baton rouge
Country: united states
Comments: this was a tragety that i will never forget. JFK Jr will always be in my memory.
E-mail: aparent@i-55.com
Date: 17:18:09, October 01

Name: Mark
City: Audubon
Country: USA
Comments: Thank you for sharing your tribute to JFK,Jr. with me and other interested and caring people. May it serve as a special lasting memory.
E-mail: mjsnow@concentric.net
Date: 13:47:42, October 01

Name: Carole Rigney
City: Mount Airy,N.C.
Country: USA
Comments: Thanks so much for telling me about this site. I have enjoyed the home page somuch....He was such a handsome and well spoken gentlemen...it seems as if we intend to forget people like him too quickly after their death. Thank you again for what you have done to perserve his and Carolyn's memory
E-mail: grandma_carole@yahoo.com
Date: 12:01:06, October 01

This is a private message. Date: 11:58:48, October 01

Name: Rosemary Jett
City: Beckley,WV
Country: US
Comments: Your page is beautiful. I would like to see a picture of John and his father side by side. Can you do this?
E-mail: xxxx
Date: 10:41:32, October 01

Name: Terry Dodge
City: Metairie
Country: USA
Comments: Justin, Thank you for sharing this tribute to John John with me
E-mail: tdsparkle@yahoo.com
Date: 10:23:35, October 01

Name: Sandy Suzuki
City: Anchorage
Country: Alaska
Comments: I thought your tribute was very touching...Thank you for putting into words how we feel
E-mail: sandy_suzuki@yahoo.com
Date: 10:07:23, October 01

Name: Angela Abraham
City: Belleville
Country: USA
Comments: This was a very beautiful article and John was very a beautiful person.
E-mail: Angela_Maria13@Yahoo.com
Date: 09:32:56, October 01

Name: diana
City: kw
Country: kw
Comments: i forget to put my eamil.
E-mail: lady908@yahoo.com
Date: 09:23:44, October 01

Country: KUWAIT
Date: 09:16:11, October 01

Name: Darla
City: Brilliant, AL
Country: USA
Comments: Thank you so much for such a wonderful web site. Even though I didn't know John, Jr. personally, I wished him and Carolyn the best of luck when they married. He had such a beautiful smile for everyone no matter what was going on in his personal life. May God Bless and Keep him. He will forever be an Angel.
E-mail: dertwine@yahoo.com
Date: 08:39:09, October 01

Name: Chavi Fernandez
City: Quezon City
Country: Philippines
Comments: Thanks for letting me be part of this tribute. My father just passed away last year and I know how it feels to lose a loved one. Hope to hear more from this tribute to JFK, Jr. website.
E-mail: chaveee@mail.com
Date: 08:01:25, October 01

Name: Michael
City: Las Vegas
Country: USA
Comments: Thanks Angle For E-mailing me about this site and this is a really good tribute to john< god bless you, and god bless john and his family.
E-mail: Slicky27@yahoo.com
Date: 02:38:57, October 01

Name: malinna
City: Pittsburgh
Country: USA
Comments: Thank you for sending this... this event has changed my life forever. I remember when his father died, even tho I was only 3... and now this. It makes my heart ache to think of what might have been. We have all been robbed of two warm and wonderful human beings.
Date: 23:49:22, September 30

Name: Mary
City: Williamstown
Country: Wood
Comments: I have been a Kennedy Family fan forever Thank you, Justin for your informative e-mail
E-mail: whitloch@wirefire.com
Date: 23:37:10, September 30

Name: Mary
City: Williamstown
Country: Wood
Comments: I have been a Kennedy Family fan forever Thank you, Justin for your informative e-mail
E-mail: whitloch@wirefire.com
Date: 23:37:08, September 30

Name: Michelle Lara
City: Chula Vista
Country: USA
Comments: Your in our hearts always............
Date: 23:33:11, September 30

Name: Jennifer
City: Pacifica,CA
Country: USA
Comments: I still can't believe that JFK Jr. is really gone. I never even believed that he was dead until they found the bodies. I'm sure that he would've made a really great president, had he been able to. I hope he's happy up there in Heaven with Carolyn and Lauren. God bless them and their family.
E-mail: jenjen1013@excite.com
Date: 23:29:49, September 30

Name: Sherry Yocum
City: Allentown
Country: Lehigh
Comments: John you'll be extremely missed I really believe you could have been a future president. Spread your wings and fly.
E-mail: tsyoc@enter.net
Date: 23:19:11, September 30

Name: Cindy
City: Sulphur
Country: USA
Comments: I just want to say that it was a big shock when I heard that JFK Jr. and his wife and sister-in-law were killed. I never gave up until they found the bodies. Even after they found the plane and there luggage. They will be missed very much.
E-mail: ccovert@usunwired.net
Date: 22:38:49, September 30

Name: Andreea Gogu
City: Toronto
Country: Canada
Comments: A tragedy has occurred once again in our society, J.F.K Jr. was a man that was to young too die, had so much more to live for. I did not know John from when he was little mainly because I'm only 17 years old, therefore I only saw the man he grew up to be. So, over the years he gave us a taste of what fairy tales are made of. In his own way he fabricated it his own persona, his own life and did it his way. In today's society, where we're full with problems he seemed so happy, so content. He failed like many people do, that's maybe one way the way humans can learn and understand themselves better; yet, he never gave up. I have a lot of respect of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy & Lauren Bessette, may they find peace in Lord's hands. I believe John & Carolyn are in heaven, together. As they were meant to be. Nor time or death can tear apart true love. I simply hope that the gates of heaven are open for the American Prince, and may Lord give him a crown.
E-mail: andreea_gogu@usa.net
Date: 22:25:05, September 30

Name: Maggie
Country: USA
Comments: We,I am assuming, as Americans, believed The Kennedy's to be an extended family. I wasn't alive when President Kennedy was shot, but I feel the loss as if I were. When Mr. Kennedy Jr. died, I lost a friend, a brother, and a role model. As I am sure we all did. I am not sadden by our losing him and his wife, more than i am sadden about his sister's loss. She is the only one left to keep Don't let it be forgot That once there was a spot For one brief shining moment that was know As Camelot... Our Camelot is dying...
E-mail: dogs4@alltel.net
Date: 22:00:04, September 30

Name: Linda Balogh
City: Fairfax VA
Country: USA
Comments: Thank you soo much for your tribute to John John. I am still sad when I think of him and what happened. It is unfair. I will always think of him and miss him. At least he is in heaven with his parents, wife and sister-in-law. John John I will never forget you. Thanks for letting the world watch you grow up before our eyes. I will miss you!!!
Date: 21:25:32, September 30

Name: sue koepp haley
City: kansas city mo
Country: usa
Comments: myhusband and i happened to be in Dallas, at Dealey Plaza last year on Nov. 22nd, and we observed this most horrifying and sad thing: a fellow driving a replica of the car carrying JFK and Jackie, actors dressed and posed as they were before... For a fee, you could ride along. For the first time in my life i found myself leaping out into traffic and shouting at a stranger: "what the hell do you think you're doing? have you ever thought that ALL that Caroline's children, and John's, should he have them, would EVER know, is that 'someone shot our grandpa'..."what the hell are you thinking by doing this?" I demanded. He responded by flipping me the bird, and drove off to make another buck. Speechless, I stood there until my husband dragged me from the street. I thank God I'm and American, but as humans, I think we're really screwing up ourselves, and our children. Sue K Haley
E-mail: skipsy@ianame.com
Date: 20:53:50, September 30

This is a private message. Date: 20:24:34, September 30

Name: Vickie Waughtel
City: Lancaster
Country: USA
Comments: I like your tribute to JFK. Jr. and Carolyn.
E-mail: Virgonian@prodigy.net
Date: 19:32:52, September 30

Name: scheloy adams
City: ft.waton beach fl
Country: usa
Comments: we will miss john john and may his suffering be over as he is with his parents. god bless scheloy and pete
E-mail: scheloy@webtv.net
Date: 19:27:53, September 30

Name: Tara Fischer
City: Salt Point
Country: USA
Comments: I appreciate truibute books like this one. They show him and his beautiful wife that we care about them dearly. Thank you for putting this together. He was an inspiration and a leader. Their family has always been one that people feel compationate about. JFK Jr., Caroline and Lauren were wonderful.....we will miss you. Thanks for your contirbuitions to this world.
E-mail: TEF26@aol.com
Date: 19:04:26, September 30

Name: John W. Peel
City: Lynn
Country: USA
Comments: The work here is very good and many of the facts are also well laid out but I cannot say I agree with all the conclusions made. Comparing even Nixon to Hitler is more than a bit much, as much as I detested the man. Still, your overall view is excellent. I grew up in the days of Camelot and have worked for 3 Kennedy campaigns. This is a wonderful tribute to JFK Jr. and for that I applaud you. Sincerely, John W. Peel Lynn, Massachusetts
E-mail: jwpeel@imw.tiac.net
Date: 18:25:41, September 30

Name: Erika
City: Toronto
Country: Canada
Comments: What a nice tribute to John F. Kennedy Jr. I found it a tremendous loss of a great man and a beautiful woman. I must not forget that another beautiful life was also taken. I am only 18 and although I know very little about these 3 people I know that the loss of God's special children is a great one. May God bless them and keep them in his heavenly kingdom.
E-mail: C6L9C@hotmail.com
Date: 18:18:44, September 30

Name: Missy
Country: USA
Comments: Very nice farewell, nice choosen photos and very well written.
E-mail: missgolden@hotmail.com
Date: 18:01:24, September 30

Name: Flor Medina
City: Manzanillo
Country: México
Comments: John I still wondering..? How a person like you gone ? Now when we need in this crazy world people like you
E-mail: fmedina@karminapalace.com
Date: 17:17:04, September 30

This is a private message. Date: 17:11:57, September 30

Name: jennyfer
City: nj
Country: nj
Comments: i will mis jfk jr i read about i read abount his dad went his dad die
E-mail: jennyfer15@webtv.net
Date: 16:37:51, September 30

Name: Madonna
City: Panama City Beach, Fla
Country: USA
Comments: I have always admired you. What a brilliant, incredible man. Your death is such a loss, not only to me, but to the world. You were an icon for integrity, decency, and morals. You spoke of truths from wihtin your heart, and shared your beauty with all of us. So unselfish, and so giving. I take this moment in time.. to salute you.. John F. Kennedy, Jr. Your presence will be cherished and remembered forever..
E-mail: DawphinPCB@aol.com
Date: 15:50:38, September 30

Name: Eileen
City: Mesa
Country: US
Comments: Very nice page and a thoughtful tribute to a wonderful man. He will be missed always but he will live on throughout eternity in our hearts.
Date: 15:46:24, September 30

Name: Lynda Fuller
City: Lombard
Country: IL
Comments: This is a lovely tribute to John F. Kennedy, Jr., and the world will miss him. He was a good man, and was with us for too short a while. It's nice to see such a sincere tribute to him. Thank you.
Date: 14:46:58, September 30

City: N.Y.C
Country: USA
Date: 14:25:02, September 30

City: N.Y.C
Country: USA
Date: 14:23:42, September 30

Name: Freddy & Gina Hairell
City: Collinsville,Al
Country: united states
Comments: we enjoyed the tribute very much. perhaps this will give everyone closure on such a painful subject.
E-mail: y
Date: 14:09:30, September 30

Name: Sharon
City: New York
Country: USA
Comments: We miss you!
E-mail: sharon_hughes@iimak.com
Date: 13:06:50, September 30

Name: Michele
City: Jackson
Country: USA
Comments: Thanks for inviting me to stop by. Beautiful page...just beautiful.
E-mail: petals@petalsoflife.com
Date: 13:01:02, September 30

Name: kevin & julie swan
City: New York
Country: USA
Comments: Thank you so much for providing this tribute page. It truly saddened and hurt us to see the untimely and tragic loss of 3 beautiful young people. We are so sorry. We have found the following link to be very comforting regarding losing someone you love in death. It is a brochure entitled 'When Someone You Love Dies' - it can be accessed on the internet and is available in print at the following address: www.watchtower.org/library/we/toc.htm We express our deepest sympathy to their family and friends and to all those who did not actually know them - but like us - feel a deep sense of sadness and loss. Thank you for the opportunity to write this note. Take care.
E-mail: kjswan@hotmail.com
Date: 13:00:40, September 30

Name: Sarita Nahar
City: London
Country: England
Comments: Darling, John, Carolyn and Lauren you were three beautiful people, admired and respected by the world, i personally never followed you in the papers or the news but when this tradgey happened i cired, angry at God for doing this, but after this i realised that God only takes the most beautiful and respected people the rest of us are here to learn our leason and be respected and admired by others, my respect goes to both the family's, you were so lucky to have known these people, for them to have been a part of you, i believe now John is now with his mother and father, people that the world adored, God bless you all!!! I love you even if i did'nt know you, you all were angles sent down to this earth!!! to inspire us all, God bless you and keep you always!!!! i hope one day i get to meet you all in heaven!!!! I Love you all God Bless!!! and keep both families safe and from any type of hurt!!! All My Love, Hugs and Kisses Sarita XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
E-mail: sarita_nahar@hotmail.com
Date: 11:47:31, September 30

Name: Dorri
City: Hawthorne
Country: USA
Comments: John & Carolyn Kennedy must have been 1 of the very few truly beautiful couples of this generation. It's a terrible shame that the world will not be able to grow old with them, and to learn from their unselfishness. You don't get to choose what family you're born into and I think both of them had soooo much class and dignity!!! They could've changed the world together for the better!
E-mail: nevilles53@netscape.net
Date: 11:44:57, September 30

Name: Joyce
City: Hamilton
Country: Canada
Comments: What a beautiful tribute to JFKjr. So young so talented and an all round great person.
Date: 11:36:47, September 30

Name: Julia
City: La Mesa, CA
Country: USA
Comments: And the pendulum has swung, once again... time not only seemed to stand still on the announcement of JFK Jr's plane going down, it took us back, to when the nation mourned the loss of his father. We were thrown into emotional turmoil then, and many who remember it, either through direct experience, or through remembrances of others, felt the ache in our hearts knowing that there was little chance of their being found safe and sound. Who truly knows the accomplishments John Jr. could have been named for, had he had further opportunity? He had already established himself, not just by his heritage, but in his own right. The existence of "George" as his creation proves he did not take politics too seriously, nor himself. God bless both the Kennedys and Bessettes. They truly show grace under the worst of circumstances.
E-mail: jonsmom4@yahoo.com
Date: 09:18:08, September 30

Name: Dar and Gord Ritchie
City: Niagara Falls
Country: CANADA
Comments: I was referred to this page by a stranger who saw my name in another JFK Jr. tribute book. That's just what his and the sisters passing has done...brought all of us strangers together because of one common interest. Paying respect to a great and decent man! A man who inherited world-wide notoriety, but was no more than "an average Joe" in his own eyes. The world has lost a rare one!!! JFK Jr. FOREVER !!!
E-mail: klaatu2000@email.comm
Date: 04:00:39, September 30

Name: Wendy
City: Cambridge
Country: Canada
Comments: I am feeling reflective this evening...and am thinking of how much this world has suffered recently. All the natural disasters etc. I also think of how the world has seemed different without JFK jr and his wife being a part of it. There is something about JFK jr that seems to connect us all to him. I hope he feels the love of the world up in Heaven with Our Heavenly Father. He will be forever missed by many. God Bless him and his beautiful wife and sister in law. He is with his own father and mother now. Be well John John..and be happy!
E-mail: wendy.p@sympatico.ca
Date: 00:34:57, September 30

Name: Laura S Smith
City: Glenwood
Country: United States
Comments: I just love the site. Thank you for the pictures and the nice thoughts.
Date: 23:52:57, September 29

Name: Jackie
City: Woodbridge
Country: USA/Peru
Comments: I feel blessed to have been in the same time as you lived.. but am so crushed to see you go before our eyes. John you were and are always in our prayers. You were UNIQUE!
E-mail: Gem7nia@aol.com
Date: 22:35:50, September 29

Name: Janice L Fitzgerald
City: Rockland
Country: USA
Comments: Lost Too Young....... We will miss them.......
E-mail: mzfitz@prodigy.net
Date: 22:24:20, September 29

Name: Elaine Horner
City: Steubenville
Country: United States
Comments: J.F.K.Jr. was a wonderful man, and human being. There was never a bad word said about this wonderful gentleman, and I am glad to know that such a person exhisted in this sad and sorry world. He was a man of pride and honor.
E-mail: purplepetal99@yahoo.com
Date: 21:50:20, September 29

Country: USA
Comments: This is a very beautiful site and I enjoyed it very much. All that was said is so very true. Not that I knew JFK Jr but I truly knew what a great man he was. I was truly devastated when he died so very young and with so much to do with his life him and his beautiful wife. I guess the only consolation is that they lived together and died together. He gave a lot of himself to us and I wish we could've given him some of it back. God Bless them both.
E-mail: mcleanl@acol.com
Date: 20:22:04, September 29

Name: Linda
City: Redwood City
Country: Calif.
Comments: It's very sad that a person with good character, morals, etc., has to leave this world early. I think our youth need people like John to look up to and say I want to be like him. I hope there are some kids who are thinking that. They will go a long way if they do.
E-mail: Lredwine@aol.com
Date: 19:59:47, September 29

Name: michelle
City: covina
Country: usa
Comments: It is nice to know that there are people who will keep his memory alive. He meant so much to so many who never really knew him.
E-mail: mishella31@go.com
Date: 19:34:47, September 29

This is a private message. Date: 19:33:49, September 29

Country: CHILE
Comments: JFK JR.'s departure was really as shocking as his father's, back in 1963.
E-mail: idurw@ctcreuna.cl
Date: 19:21:42, September 29

Name: Janet
City: Waukee
Country: U.S.
Comments: What a wonderful tribute - Thanks for opportunity to view it.
E-mail: jjtay@radiks.net
Date: 19:17:54, September 29

Comments: Thank you for the thoughts and the unforgetable photos. You have voiced my thoughts.
E-mail: roopi@tm.net.my
Date: 18:57:51, September 29

Name: Karen Proud
City: Clearfield
Country: USA
Comments: I think JFK,Jr. was a great human. yes he the son of the slain president, but he was known in his own rite. He would have gone a long ways if he would have survived the crash. he will be long remembered. I liked him and watched him grow up ever since his historic salute. John we will miss you!!
E-mail: kproud@mail.csrlink.net
Date: 17:20:52, September 29

Name: sharon avendano
City: new york
Country: usa
Comments: Your love will live on forever. Your kindness and truth have taught us to be gentle to others. God bless you John for all the good you done here and Thank you.
E-mail: angelseas2000@yahoo.com
Date: 16:59:52, September 29

This is a private message. Date: 16:14:52, September 29

Name: Beth Dassatt
City: Belfast
Country: ME
Comments: thank you for this-a very stirring tribute
E-mail: bdassatt@mint.net
Date: 16:14:39, September 29

Name: christine
City: san jose
Country: santa clara
Comments: This was really nice. thank you. He was truley great.
E-mail: kiss_keen@yahoo.com
Date: 16:02:41, September 29

Name: Phyllis J. Hall
City: Nipomo, CA
Country: USA
Comments: I loved JFK, Jr., because I loved his father and have grieved for him for over 30 years. I worked on his father's campaign and met him several times. I think it is an insult to show JFK, Jr.'s picture with Clinton the clown. Clinton can't even begin to have the grace and integrity that either of the JFK's did. Clinton is a dirty, opportunistic, trashy little man - nowhere near the stature of the Kennedys. Camelot is truly gone forever!
E-mail: pjh@surfari.net
Date: 15:58:40, September 29

Name: Shari May
City: Woodstown
Country: USA
Comments: JFK Jr. was a great person and should be remembered as a humanitarian, which is who he was...not just the son of a slain President. He contributed many things to NYC and should be remembered for that. He was a great man whom we could all look to for inspiration and he will be sadly missed.
E-mail: slm318402@jnlk.com
Date: 15:45:59, September 29

Name: Kamal Shah Khan
City: Dubai
Country: U.A.E
Comments: We miss you.....
Date: 15:29:54, September 29

Name: Debbie Rising
City: Pittsburgh
Country: USA
Comments: I am appreciative of the fact that a website like this is available, with beautiful photos, and many people who are still showing that they care. We may not have known him, but we all considered him a friend...his death still is, and always will create a void for many people, and my thoughts and prayers are with the Kennedy's and Bisettes, because the void that our hearts have are nothing compared to theirs. He was a great man, with a beautiful wife, and he is still so sadly missed....
Date: 13:52:58, September 29

Country: USA
Date: 13:24:29, September 29

Name: bernadette kennedy
City: toms river
Country: usa
Comments: you are deeply missed and thought about. always in our prayers. the Kennedy family
E-mail: jarb66@yahoo.com
Date: 11:00:52, September 29

Name: Jennifer
City: Knoxville
Country: USA
Comments: Though it's been several weeks since John and Carolyn took their final journey, the pain of their loss has yet to subside. We miss you.
Date: 11:00:48, September 29

Name: Angela Sandlin
City: Houston
Country: USA
Comments: This is a beautiful dedication to beautiful people who were lost to this world. I hope they are all happy!
E-mail: hayley@cybergal.com
Date: 10:17:22, September 29

Name: Angela Sandlin
City: Houston
Country: USA
Comments: This is a beautiful dedication to beautiful people who were lost to this world. I hope they are all happy!
E-mail: hayley@cybergal.com
Date: 10:17:22, September 29

Name: Kim Sanders
City: Urania
Country: USA
Comments: The world will always mourn the loss of this wonderful first son.
E-mail: Kim.Sanders@LPCorp.com
Date: 09:13:36, September 29

Name: Beckie
City: Lorain
Country: USA
Comments: Thank you, Cathy, for giving me the opportunity to share in everyone's expressions of gratitude and best wishes for the Kennedy and Bissett families. John Jr. was a man who accomplished great things, and the nation could only have benefit by his grace of presence. Carolyn was a wonderful woman for being able to share his life. May the Kennedy and Bissett families find the strength to pull together and have the courage to journey on. RIP. XXOO
E-mail: cbeckier@hotmail.com
Date: 22:32:48, September 26

Name: Steve Lea
City: Joplin, MO
Country: USA
Comments: I have said this before. Not Fair. My heart goes out to the FAMILIES for our loss. Thank you cathy for this ad. Steve
E-mail: stevewlea@hotmail.com
Date: 01:36:47, September 26

Name: Cathy Collie
City: New York
Country: USA
Comments: A fine tribute. Like his father, the legacy of John F. Kennedy Jr. will always survive the petty critics who are too insecure to acknowledge the fact that JFK Jr. would have been one of the greatest Presidents this Nation has ever seen. Clearly, before he died, he proved that he had the inteligence to fulfill that enormous challenge. Some people may believe that murder cuts a legacy short, others believe that it makes it long. They are all wrong. The legacy of JFK Jr. is a measure of the man's greatness, it is neither long nor short. It is just right and it will never be forgotten.
E-mail: cathycollie@yahoo.com
Date: 18:32:52, September 25

Name: jean crotty rhone
City: ft worth
Country: texas usa
Comments: here in fort worth the retarded citizens rejoice in the kennedy legacy. were it not for kennedy's caring we would have no special olympics
E-mail: daveybird@webtv.net
Date: 18:52:57, September 24

This is a private message. Date: 20:44:58, September 23

Name: karenP.in Ny.
City: long island city
Country: US.
Comments: Thankyou Bob, for sending me the link to your site. It has provided me with a deep feeling of warmth and comfort. JFK Jr. will never be forgotten, nor his Father, nor Bobbie, for they belong to time.
E-mail: fitchburg@earthlink.net
Date: 12:23:48, September 23

Name: Vince Palamara
City: Pittsburgh, PA
Country: USA
Comments: Very nice website indeed. Keep up the good work! :-) Vince Palamara http://www.njmetronet.com/palamara/
E-mail: palamara@telerama.com
Date: 14:15:54, September 20

Name: Rose H. McCall
City: Montgomery
Country: Alabama, USA
Comments: Words can never express the deep loss many of us feel at the untimely death of John F. Kenndey Jr. and as long as God gives me life I will always remember his visit to Alabama to see Alabama Icon George Wallace for his last interview. John was gracious and very kind to everyone he met during his stay here. His mother raised him well. RHM
Date: 11:48:56, September 20

Name: Ron Hepler
City: Austin, TX
Country: USA
Comments: 'The Good Ones, they do die young.' The Evil Ones, they ensure it. Keep on Thinking Free. Ron http://www.freeyellow.com/members2/rhepler/index.html
E-mail: rhepler@airmail.net
Date: 15:31:15, September 18

Name: Tracey Koss
City: Neshanic
Country: USA
Comments: Bob, Thank you for offering a place where I can put in words the way I felt about John and Carolyn. I felt as if I knew John all my life never far from my thoughts. His brother Patrick and I would have been three days apart. I was only a baby when JFK Died but somehow I have always felt connected. He showed to us that he could do anything he set his mind to sure it may have taken him a couple of trys but he never gave up and that to me only showed he was just like anybody else and that is what he really wanted. I was so happy when he married Carolyn they seemed so happy together. I was so looking forward to the day they would have children because he was so good with Caroline's children but sadly that day will never come. For what ever reason God called John and Carolyn home that night along with Lauren,another sad day in an already battered country but we shall go on because John would have wanted it that way. In closing I just want to say that at night I look up at the stars and there are three very bright ones and I always say goodnight to John,Carolyn and Lauren.
E-mail: cppat1@net-lynx.com
Date: 08:59:40, September 17

Name: Hustiu Alexandru
City: Bacau
Country: Romania
Comments: Thank you for the honor of signing your guest book. It's a great honor for me, this is a great work of art, in the favor of a great man, and his wife. It's a great loss for the american people, but when you are borned in a family that is damned, u can't escape. What ever u do u will be followed by badluck all over the place, and as u all know the Kennedy family were damned for ever. REST IN PEACE. I would like to thank Bob for the privledge to sign this book and for the wonderful wonderful thing he is doing for us all to enable us to see JFK Jr. , his beautiful wife and for sharing such memories with us.
E-mail: halexh@hotmail.com
Date: 19:18:51, September 15

Name: Don and Linda Gipe
City: Media
Country: USA
Comments: God Bless, the world has lost 2 very special young people.Rest in Peace
E-mail: gipedg@hcil.net
Date: 18:31:54, September 15

Name: Jen Anderson
City: Toronto
Country: Canada
Comments: He will never be forgotten anywhere in the world. Thanks for the memories.
Date: 14:15:42, September 15

Name: Carol Stailey
City: Plymouth, IN
Country: USA
Comments: I feel as if I grew up with him. We were only a month and 5 days apart in age. He was a very special man.
E-mail: carolie107@hotmail.com
Date: 23:21:45, September 14

Name: Melissa
City: Hollywood
Country: U.S.A.
Comments: I was born on November 22, 1963, & since that day I've always felt I had a connection to the Kennedy family...Hurricane Floyd passed by today, I decided to go to the beach & enjoy the waves..... I wasn't there two seconds & guess who I thought of..What a senseless waste I thought about Caroline, & wondered how she's doing... none of us can possibly imagine the hurt she feels daily..I love the ocean, & I will probably always think of John Kennedy and his family everytime I visit>>always wondering what should have been. Thank you for your time..........
E-mail: bruja1@mciworld.com
Date: 21:09:33, September 14

Name: becky warren, ma
Country: usa
Comments: Dear JohnJohn, Carolyn, Lauren, Your passing has a positive purpose, but I miss you and your contributions very much. Your time is short for a higher reason, but not in vain. I think of you often and care for you much. We are sad, but must hold you in God's hands now! See you once again. JohnJohn, I love you, Baby! God Bless each of you Equally! With Love and Respect, Becky ~May you be at Peace!~
Date: 16:48:36, September 14

Name: Julie
City: Osawatomie
Country: United States
Comments: You have some very nice pictures. We are all going to miss him. It seems like such a waste.
E-mail: djramsey@idir.net
Date: 07:46:38, September 14

Name: Patricia
City: Union
Country: USA
Comments: Bob, Thank you for asking me to sign the guestbook. Your photographs are a very nice tribute to John and Carolyn. This country has lost a great son who possessed style, class, and a grace the likes of which we will never see again. I think it is significant that no one had anything bad to say about John Kennedy, Jr. In today's cynical world, that is a rarity. That speaks volumes for the way he was raised by Jackie, to treat everyone as if they are special and not be afraid to be among the everyday people. I haven't been able to read all of the articles I saved about his death. It's still too painful to read. My thoughts and prayers are with Caroline, the Bessette family, and the other members of the Kennedy family.
E-mail: pjbeck@megsinet.net
Date: 23:08:56, September 13

Name: Rose
City: Knoxville
Country: USA
Comments: What a wonderful idea, Bob, your tribute to JFK, JR. He is your son, my son, America's son. Our hearts wil be forever wounded by the loss of this fine young man. Thanx for allowing us an opportunity to quietly grieve, without infringing upon his family.
E-mail: onethompson@netscape.net
Date: 22:24:44, September 13

Name: Debra Gryttenholm
Country: USA
Comments: I still can't believe he's gone. What a loss for us all. More than people will ever know.
Date: 10:28:23, September 13

This is a private message. Date: 10:27:14, September 13

Name: Cheryl Fowler
City: Columbia SC
Country: USA
Comments: Thanks for the opportunity to sign the guest book! I still can't help thinking about the Kennedy tragedy of July. I feel like we've lost one of our own....someone we knew, but didn't really know; someone with whom we felt a connection.
Date: 07:48:59, September 13

Name: Chrissy
City: Honolulu
Country: USA
Comments: Thanks for inviting me to your site. What a nice tribute to JFK Jr. and his wife Carolyn. Not a day goes by when I don't think about him and I am still in shock that he is really gone. Indeed, his life was short, but he was loved and admired by so many of us who watched him grow up into such a fine young man. There is no doubt in my mind that if he ran for the presidency he would have won by a landslide! He had everything....looks, charisma, humility, talent, good manners, intelligent, etc. I still mourn his loss and will probably feel it for the rest of my lifetime.
Date: 23:25:45, September 12

Name: Angela
City: Naples
Country: USA
Comments: He was a man who laughed at the media, and quietly followed his own principles. He was an example to everyone during these days of political bad taste and pie throwing. He would have made a wonderful president, and certainly would have had the country's backing, and maybe there were those who foresaw it. I don't know. I only know that he was a fine gentleman, and a great loss to this country.
E-mail: Berglernut@cs.com
Date: 16:06:10, September 12

Name: Kristy
City: Cheektowaga
Country: USA
Comments: I really enjoyed your site, Bob. Thank you for inviting me. I've bookmarked it so I can return for future visits. Keep up the wonderful work!
E-mail: gabriel@olm1.com
Date: 14:57:14, September 12

Name: Jennie
City: Burllington
Country: Canada
Comments: Hi there! This is an excellent site and a great tribute to the late JFK Jr. Thanks for making it possible for us to express our deepest sympathies to all of the families. Jennie
E-mail: borderline10@hotmail.com
Date: 09:14:48, September 12

Country: USA
Comments: THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME SIGN. I remember when his father got killed,I was in third grade,it was so very sad... J.F.K jr.death touched me in such away there is no words.. I just can't stop crying...john
E-mail: fusco404@webtv.net
Date: 02:47:08, September 12

Name: Odette Yuhas
City: Cocoa
Country: USA
Comments: I would like to thank Bob for the privledge to sign this book and for the wonderful wonderful thing he is doing for us all to enable us to see John John, his beautiful wife and for sharing such memories with us.
Date: 00:01:12, September 12

Name: Odette Yuhas
City: Cocoa
Country: USA
Comments: John John is now in heaven with his wonderful father and mother who loved him so. May they find one another. Carolyn is with him and her sister is with her. Forever they will remain with one another. She with her beloved husband and her sister. Only those left behind will feel the sorrow, they are now at peace and will be missed so much by all of us who loved them. May God watch over them.
E-mail: odie@yourlink.net
Date: 23:56:52, September 11

Name: Jane Depew
City: McAllen
Country: usa
Comments: Thank you for the honor of signing your guest book and for the heart breaking pictures of John Jr. I loved John from the time he was born as I love the entire family.... I am a Kennedy.. Related but many times removed from Joe. My love and best wishes to the Bisset family and I give my heart to Caroline...
E-mail: janed@hiline.net
Date: 20:17:14, September 11

Name: Barbara Boor
City: So Weber
Country: USA
Comments: Thank you so much for asking me to sign and for the pictures. I watched John salute his father and I was sobbing and I've kept track of John all his life and he was such a fine person and so genuinely kind to everyone. I watched his and his wifes funeral and I was sobbing then too. I will also remember Lauren.
E-mail: dsboor@uswest.net
Date: 18:38:29, September 11

This is a private message. Date: 18:28:07, September 11

Name: Amanda Ellis
City: San Antonio
Country: Texas,U.S
Comments: Thank you for inviting me to sign. I hope John and his mother and father are happy in Heaven together. Only he knows why he called John home. God Bless to the Kennedys. I am grateful the bodies were found and given a beautiful but sorrowful send off. Carolyn Kennedy I will always pray for you and wish every happiniess.
Date: 16:33:27, September 11

Name: Julie Jimenez
City: Santa Barbara, Ca
Country: USA
Comments: His death affected me as though I had known him and so I can imagine what the family must have been going through and must cope with for the rest of their lives. His normalcy was very attractive, in that he didn't carry the air of being a "royal". He was approachable and I liked that about him. We will miss you always JR.
E-mail: Julie.Jimenez@GTE.NET
Date: 13:59:23, September 11

Name: Darlene H. Rose
City: Stony Point
Country: USA
Comments: The world endured a great loss when your plane went down. You will be missed and always in our hearts. God keep you,your wife,and sister-in-law always in his arms.
E-mail: drose10276@earthlink.net
Date: 13:15:19, September 11

Name: JackyM
City: Bremerton, WA
Country: USA
Comments: A wonderful tribute to a man we all admired, but never gave his due. He is a loss that will affect the paths we take for generations to come, just like his father was and is. He will live in my heart forever and I pray for the families who were so deeply saddened by his passing, along with his beloved Carolyn and sister-in-law Lauren. Rest in Peace John John.
Date: 13:14:38, September 11

Name: Larry Davis
City: Longview WA
Country: U.S.A.
Comments: Such beautiful pictures. They're a pleasure to view. Thanks.
Date: 02:27:02, September 11

Name: Joni Taylor
Country: usa
Comments: I still feel saddened by the loss of JFK jr. Time heals all wounds....except for those that cut so deep as did the death of America's son. I only wish he had known how much he meant to all of us. We still love you and miss you John. May you live on through our thoughts forever. Joni
Date: 00:28:31, September 09

Name: Valerie
Country: USA
Comments: I am praying for the families through this trying time,I feel that he is looking down on all of us and wouldnt want us to be sad but to go on :)
E-mail: Wreckseeee@aol.com
Date: 11:54:27, September 08

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