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Why does everybody hate/love Simon Cowell?
American Idol
Everybody either Loves or Hates Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell

May 24, 2009

nsnews staff

Why does everybody have an opinion about Simon Cowell? Because he brings out the best and the worst in everybody.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's talk about him.

Simon was born in Brighton, England.

Dropped out of school at 16.

Has 3 half-brothers, John, Michael and Tony, a half sister, June, a biological sister, Lindsay Elizabeth and a younger brother Nicholas Cowell.

He worked as a mail boy at EMI and eventually worked his way to become an A&R representative.

Says the first time he gave a criticism was at age four when he looked at his mother's white fuzzy pillbox hat and remarked "Mum, you look like a poodle."

His best friend is his London neighbor Jackie St Claire.

During an auditioning, a female participant told Simon and the other judges that she quit her job at a hair salon so she can pursue her dreams on American Idol; when getting rejected, Simon had asked for the phone and called the owner of the participant workplace where the rejected contestant got her job back.

Made his screen debut in 1990, on the UK TV series 'Sale of the Century', his prize for winning - Kitchen Utensils.

In 2007, Forbes Magazine estimated his U.S. earnings at $45 million for the year.

His father Eric Cowell was a record company executive with EMI. He died at home in 1999 of a massive heart attack on the very day that Simon got his first Number One with a then-unknown band called Westlife who his dad had predicted would become big.

Allergic to lambs' wool. Buys expensive cashmere jumpers.

Ranked #6 in the 2008 Telegraph's list "the 100 most powerful people in British culture".

In 2007, he earned an estimated $72 million in income from his various projects. $45 million from American Idol, $15 million from Britain's Got Talent and X Factor, and $12 million from his record label.

best known for the things that he says, here's an interesting list:

To a Pop Idol contestant: "Let me throw a mathematical dilemma at you - there's 500 left, well how come the odds of you winning are a million to one?"

[Asked if he feels guilty about what he says to the American Idol contestants] "No, what I am doing is kind by telling people who are useless 'Do something that you're good at'. So I would only feel guilt if I misled somebody who was terrible."

We've done three seasons of American Idol and by now it is safe to assume that most people know that you have to be able to sing. But people turn up who can't sing a note and yet they believe they are the Second Coming.

Sit in these auditions for three weeks and hear "I Believe I Can Fly" out of tune for the millionth time, YOU try and be nice

If you would have asked me what I thought of America before I came over here I would have used the word 'corny'. And then you come over here and you find that it's not corny at all. British people are very cynical, they cannot bear someone else's success. Americans embrace other people's success. Everything in America is larger than life.

[To the infamous Keith who sang a horrible rendering of 'Like a Virgin'] "Keith, last year I described someone as being the worst singer in America. I think you're possibly the worst singer in the world ... I've never, ever heard anything like that in my life, ever."

I don't want babies the same way I wouldn't want a puppy. It's too much responsibility.

[About the day of his father's death and Westlife at number one]: The ultimate irony. The worst thing that could happen, and the best - all in the one day. It just shocked me to the core. I just never thought my dad wouldn't be around. I phoned him to tell him about the Number One, because that's what I did. When something good happened, I called my dad. At first my mother couldn't even tell me he was dead. She just listened to me burbling on. Then she called me back to tell me. Awful.

Sometimes it's mind-numbingly boring and it shows on my face. (about American Idol)

Music videos have become the equivalent of moving wallpaper. You notice them, but you can't remember them.

What luxury would I take to a desert island? A mirror. It's true. I'd miss me.

I don't want to marry anyone, because whoever marries me will end up hating me.

I don't take myself seriously and I don't consider myself a star.




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