Tom Brady and the Super Bowl
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'Getting riled over another cup of tea?'

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...Boston Tea Party?

When you criticize Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr., you're looking for trouble.

The Giants and Patriots have appeared in a combined eight Super Bowls, with New England winning three and the Giants two. But when they face off against each other on February 3, 2008 in Arizona, it's personal. This is not going to be a football game, this is going to be war.

New York is off to a bad start in their rivalry with Boston. Two Red Sox championships to none for the Yankees or Mets and three Super Bowl titles for the New England Patriots to none since the Giants were routed by Baltimore in the 2001 Super Bowl. The Giants want it badly in 2008 but the Patriots are going to win because they deserve it. If you want to declare war, choose a weaker partner and don't do it unless you have the assurance that you can win the peace. Don't make a fool of yourself the way the New York tabloids are doing.

The New York tabloids have been taking shots at Boston's Golden boy and the Herald has had enough!

No mistake about it, this is war without prisoners or alternatives. This is the war to end all wars, the Battle Royale where the fight is to the death because the dream is for the one and not the other. This is not Rudy Guiliani versus Teddy Kennedy, where they both wanted to be King but both were denied by others. This is the night the King will be crowned, it happens on February 3, 2008 and it will be Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr., whether he plays or not, because he is leading the pack and the pride belongs to the team. Those who try to bury the dream shall bury their heads in shame because the Patriots have already proved that they can win. All that they can do, in the worst possible case, is prove that they can lose with grace and dignity -a lesson that the New York Trashloids have evidently failed to absorb.

The New York Post has become as predictable as Hitler's Mein Kemp since it uses intractable lunatics like Jonah Goldberg to revive McCarthyism and to rail against what Goldberg calls "Liberal Fascists" but what else would one expect from the one whose mother wore a polka dot dress on the day that the beloved Robert F. Kennedy was murdered. No need to mention the fact that Lucianne Goldberg popped a bottle of champagne on the day that her dear friend, Linda Tripp convinced Monica Lewinsky to give her semen-stained dress to the FBI. The long campaign to bring down the Clinton presidency was evidently not Goldberg's first foray into dirty politics.

This is not petty rivalry, this is war !

The New York tabloids trailed the hunky quarterback’s every move during his Big Apple visit and poked fun at him every step of the way.

We predict the patriots will win this one in a bloodbath because the rabid, New York media does not have the power to shake Tom Brady's confidence. Brady has proved that he is the best quarterbacks of his era and the paparazzi have failed to impact his record. He has won 3 Super Bowls (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX), two Super Bowl MVP awards (XXXVI and XXXVIII) and holds the NFL record for most touchdown passes in a single regular season. Brady was named Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year, in 2005 and "Sportsman of the Year" by The Sporting News for the second time in his career. He was also named the NFL MVP, as well as Male Athlete of the Year by the Associated Press, making him the first recipient since Joe Montana was honored with the award in 1990.

It is the shadow of his record which highlights the vulgarity of rabid media attacks. The New York Post ridiculed Brady across its front page the day after he was photographed limping in a foot brace and carrying flowers to Gisele Bundchen’s New York digs.

“Who’s afraid of Tom Brady now?” shouted the larger-than-life headline, next to the photo of Brady, who is suffering from a mild high ankle sprain. Even worse was the type below: “Girlie man limps home.”

Jealousy is an ugly emotion that is spawned by ignorance, arrogance and insecurity. Brady’s Brazilian bombshell enhances, it does not question his masculinity.

The Post referred to Brady as the “cocky” quarterback “carrying a box of pretty little posies.” The paper explains that the team’s 18-0 record “is marred” by “Spygate” while they stalk, harass and spy on Tom Brady. The very existence of the New York Post is turning the city that never sleeps into "bullshitgate" and even that does not faze New England's most valuable player.

The paper quoted Giants fans blasting Brady for hanging out in “enemy territory” because they harbor the delusion that the New York Giants are going "to beat Brady at his best.” The fact is, they have already lost because they have defeated themselves. Real athletes and their supporters celebrate when the game is over, they do not attack their opponents when they are not on the field and they are never, ever ignorant and arrogant. The New York trashloids are mockingly calling Tom Brady “Mr. Perfect” and now, all he has to do is continue to prove that he is an exceptional football player.

Somebody ought to give the New York Post a wake up call because their New York Giants deserve better publicity.

The public will invariably pick up the slack. The public knows it's just a game, they know what it means to be an American and they know that implacable lunatics are surrounded by their delusions.

Congratulations to the finalists, "win, lose or be proud" because there are never ANY regrets at this level.



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