Linda Tripp and Jack Ruby

  by Tom Wilkinson

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  Remember the 'fear and trembling' that overwhelmed Linda Tripp when she had to fend off allegations that she was the author of the "talking points"? The investigation by Ken Starr into the relationship between Monica Lewinsky and the President centered on a "talking points" memo which Lewinsky had allegedly given to her friend, Linda Tripp. If the allegation proved to be true, Linda Tripp and her cohorts would have been as complicit to criminal conspiracy as Jack Ruby was, during the hysterical effort to silence Lee Harvey Oswald. Some things never change. To be sure, Jack Ruby had his own "talking points", he allegedly shot Oswald because he was overwhelmed with grief over the assassination of John F. Kennedy. That is somewhat reminiscent of that other famous "talking point" -Linda Tripp did not betray a friend, she had been asked to lie and law abiding citizens like Linda Tripp are above criminal conspiracy.

  The glaring gap between what we are told to believe and the truth, speaks for itself. Government Informant, Jack Ruby was in fact a violent thug who had a habit of beating people up and evading criminal prosecution. If people were still as gullible as they were in the 1960's, the plot to force the resignation of President Bill Clinton would have been delivered without a hitch.

  Who was Jack Ruby? Since the late 1940’s, Jack Ruby was the go-between law enforcement and the Mafia -it was his task to corrupt the Dallas Police. With respect to the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald, Ruby’s relationship with the Mafia and Hoover’s FBI placed him at the heart of the effort to cover up the truth about the Kennedy assassination. An FBI Informant since 1959, the interests of Jack Ruby, J. Edgar Hoover and the Mafia intersected over the preoccupation to destroy Castro -a preoccupation that preceded the notorious CIA/Mafia plots.

  It was Mafia Mogul Meyer Lansky who initially approached the CIA to urge the recruitment of gunmen to assassinate Castro. Lansky thought that he could use Cubans who were trained to work in Mafia-controlled hotels as his agents, but he failed to hatch a successful plot. Regardless, Hoover and the Mafia developed clandestine, eyes only relationships through mutual obsessions like the determination to destroy Fidel Castro, and they used their informal network of 'anti-Communist' contacts, to bury the truth about the Kennedy assassination.

  Fellow-Patriots like Hoover, Jack Ruby, Sam Giancana and Johnny Roselli cultivated relationships which distorted and perverted routine law enforcement practices. In particular, Hoover refused to recognize the existence of organized crime, to keep his own, cladestine criminal operations away from the public domain.

  The world got a glimpse of the clandestine world that Hoover inhabited when the CIA/Mafia plots were exposed. But that was really just a clear glimpse of the fact that the world only saw what J. Edgar Hoover wanted the world to see. As a matter of fact, even John F. Kennedy, who was the President of the United States did not know about the CIA/Mafia plots until J. Edgar Hoover brought them to the attention of Robert Kennedy. And why did he do that? Hoover exposed the CIA/Mafia plots because his friends Sam Giancana and Johnny Roselli were threatened with imminent prosecution in an illegal wiretap case, and he used the "national security" card to keep his Mafia allies out of jail. Kind of makes you realize how people like Linda Tripp manage to stay out of jail, doesn't it? Needless to say, Robert Kennedy was furious over the fact that his war against organized crime was compromised by the tactics that Hoover routinely deployed to protect his Mafia allies.

  Those who believe that the CIA controlled the Mafia war against Castro should ponder the fact that CIA Director John McCone did not know anything about the involvement of Chicago Crime Boss Sam Giancana, until he read about it in the Chicago-Sun-Times. It was J. Edgar Hoover who operated on the level of "CIA rogue" and since his failed bid to be the Director of the CIA as well as the FBI, he formed secret alliances which granted the opportunity to meddle in foreign as well as in domestic intelligence operations. The term "legal mandate" does not deter powerful masters of deceit who routinely pervert justice, under the cover of extreme secrecy.

  In retrospect, the fact that Hoover and the rabidly anti-Castro Mafia dominated the war against Castro makes perfect sense. They are the ones who controlled the illegal, gun-running campaign to arm a popular counter-revolution, and Jack Ruby’s trips to Cuba placed him at the heart of that operation as well. And it is this secret, corrupt world that Jack Ruby, J.Edgar Hoover and the Mafia shared, which produced the "patsy" contract to cover up the truth about the Kennedy assassination by silencing Oswald.

  It does not take a great leap of faith to believe that the almost exclusive, post-Kennedy assassination focus on a patsy like Lee Harvey Oswald indicates that he was supposed to be murdered before he was captured by the Dallas Police. Indeed, there were several, thwarted opportunities to kill Oswald before he was taken into custody. Confronted by the drawn, loaded gun of a Police Officer in the Dallas School Book Depository, was Oswald supposed to survive or was his life momentarily spared because the manager of the Book Depository witnessed the incident? Just 30 minutes after the assassination, a police car stopped in front of Oswald’s house. Was that efficient police work or another attempt to silence a patsy? Shortly before Oswald was arrested, a group of policemen waited in the alley behind the theater, but if it was their intention to murder Oswald, that plan was foiled when, instead of running out of the theater, he was arrested. Oswald was probably supposed to be shot in a scuffle with the Dallas Police, but the best of plans can go awry and Oswald survived. At that point in time, Mafia go-between, Jack Ruby, who was routinely responsible for corrupting payoff-prone, Dallas Police Officers, demonstrated his responsibility when he rescued the foiled plot to silence Oswald.

  Linda Tripp and the tortured Jack Ruby appear to have much in common. Jack Ruby failed to deliver Oswald’s corpse as planned and he paid the ultimate price. Linda Tripp failed to deliver a solid obstruction of justice case against the President, and she was visibly shaken as a consequence. And in both cases, Linda Tripp and Jack Ruby trembled with fear, not because they had enemies who terrified them, but because they had failed to deliver the necessary goods.

  Don’t tell us that Jack Ruby is a murderer and Linda Tripp is not, because the distinction is not substantively relevant. Clearly, if the "heroic" Dallas Police had been successfully manipulated to the point where Lee Harvey Oswald was shot by one of their finest, a violent thug like Jack Ruby would not have spent a single day in prison, and substantively speaking, that is the only difference between Jack Ruby and Linda Tripp.

  Anyone who thinks that the comparison between Linda Tripp and Jack Ruby is a stretch, think again. The Starr cooperative was in the middle of every controversy - "talking points", Lewinsky, Willey and Foster, and she was a key player in the plot to use each of these "circumstances" to promote wrongdoing on the part of the Clinton administration. You can beg for evidence that is more telling than that but you will certrainly never get it, as long as people like Linda Tripp are unwilling or afraid to betray the sort of secrecy that obsessed Jack Ruby. We cannot force Linda Tripp to talk, and we are therefore not able to discuss the "smoking gun" that is required, to produce a comprehensive, detailed account of "who did what, when and to whom." Unfortunately, we have to rely upon history, to make figurative claims like; Jack Ruby served Lee Harvey Oswald the bullet as certainly as Linda Tripp served Vincent Foster his final meal at the White House. We would have preferred to rely upon the integrity of Linda Tripp but her superiority complex has nauseated the Nation.


         Footnote; When Starr frivolously indicted Julie Hiatt Steele, for the sake of maintaining the impression that the anti-Clinton witch hunt was a legitimate concern, he highlighted the absolute terror and tyrrany unleashed in the name of the law, when unreasonable people manipulate the legal system.Linda Tripp is one of Ken Starr's star witnesses, and the fact that she is a key Inquisitor betrays the real Linda Tripp. In the final analysis, "Patriots" like Linda Tripp may rely upon the short-term secrecy of covert operations, but if they actually believe that cosmetic surgery can overcome the repulsion they deservingly invite, they highlight their delusions.

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