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Lee Harvey Oswald's solid alibi.
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Needless to say, the widely publicized photograph taken by Associated Press photographer James W. Altgens within a few seconds after President Kennedy was first shot, has understandably lead to the false claim that this person who merely bears a strong physical resemblance to Lee Harvey Oswald standing at the west end of the Texas School Book Depository entranceway, is actually Bill Lovelady.

You would have to trust and believe in people like J. Edgar Hoover to accept that incredibly ignorant myth, and he certainly still has his supporters.

Altgens took the picture of the presidential limousine after he heard a noise "which sounded like the popping of a firecracker" and the subjects he captured on film ultimately demonstrated the urgency to have somebody like Jack Ruby bury the truth about Kennedy assassination eyewitness, Lee Harvey Oswald.

Despite the murder of Oswald, the truth has survived.

When Billy Lovelady was asked under oath for the Warren Commission who was with him he mentioned two people, Bill Shelley and Sarah Stanton.

When the Dallas police interrogated Oswald, he stated that he did not shoot the president because he was on the first floor viewing the motorcade at the time the shots rang out. As proof he gives Bill Shelley’s name as one of the persons there. The testimony of Billy Lovelady and Shelley himself, therefore confirmed the fact that Oswald was telling the simple truth.

Billy Nolan Lovelady died in January 1979, during the (HSCA hearings) House Select Committee on Assassinations. He was only 42 years old.

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