American Idol -Final Two

May 16, 2009

Why did “American Idol” attract 21.8 million viewers, lifting Fox to No. 1 in the night’s ratings, according to Nielsen’s estimates. Is it because the show, which is down to just Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey, produces amazing, high-pressure performances?

Adam Lambert is going to be the next American Idol because he is a legend in the making. Kris Allen is incredible, but Adam Lambert has consistently stood out and he therefore deserves to be THE American Idol.

That's the truth and we will leave out all the other shades of gray, because time is scarce !

If you want to get the picture, don't listen to us. Watch the show this Tuesday at 9:00 pm, you will never regret it.

Are you listening Fox, we deserve a dividend for making you bigger than Number One !


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