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As a historian, I am privy to facts that escape the notice of most. The following ought to convince you, I hope, that nuclear weapons were used when world war 2 was practically over, not because we needed to defeat the Japanese, but because we wanted to send a message of "force" to the Russians. In that respect, the end of world war 2 was the beginning of world war 3, unless we develop the wisdom to avert what we are evidently drifting closer to. I begin this dialogue by fleshing out the stark contrast netween Roosevelt and Churchill, because it is the character of the former that was silenced to officially conclude world war 2 and the character of the latter that pulled all the strings.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was a thirty-six-year-old Assistant Secretary of the US Navy when he first met Winston Churchil in 1918, already a senior politician. They met in London at a banquet at Gray's Inn and FDR recalled that WSC was a 'stinker. with a lordy attitude.

Churchill was certainly an oddball in most respects.

When he was eighteen years old, Churchill was playing a game of chase with his brother Jack and a cousin. When he was cornered on a bridge, he tried to escape by vaulting over a railing and jumping for a pine tree, thinking he would be able to slide down to safety. He missed and fell thirty feet, rupturing a kidney and spent three days in a coma before waking up.

Unlike Roosevelt, who was very diplomatic, Churchill was essentially forceful. While a student at Harrow, he was fond of playing billiards and he shot the ball so hard it would often shoot off the table and shatter windows.

Daily, hot baths were an essential part of Churchill's routine. He in fact insisted on one a day wherever he was. When he served on the Western Front in 1916, he brought his own bathtub. He also practiced the lifelong habit of walking from his bath to his room nude, and while his staff was accustomed to the sight of him striding around naked, President Roosevelt was not.

In December of 1941, fresh from his bath while visiting the White House, Churchill was busily dictating a speech in the nude. At this moment, Roosevelt was wheeled into the room and upon seeing his guest naked apologized and he began to exit. Churchill reassured the President by saying it was now clear he had nothing to hide from him.

His eccentricity was indeed forever exposed and it is difficult to think Roosevelt ever took him seriously.

When Roosevelt conveniently died, Churchill's "never surrender" policy was aimed, not at the Japanese, who were practically on their knees because the American Air Force (even without the atom bomb) had the ability to incinerate the wooden houses of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, but at Stalin, the "enemy" who was a convenient, world war 2 ally.

In retrospect, it is rather clear and obvious that dropping bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima had nothing to do with world war 2 and everything to do with sending Stalin a message.

History repeats in a rather predictable fashion; Roosevelt refused to deploy nuclear weapons -his influence was neutralized.

Curtis LeMay selected the targets of Hiroshima (6th August) and Nagasaki (9th August).

Curtis LeMay wanted to bomb Cuba back to the Stone Age in 1962, Kennedy stopped him.

Kennedy refused to committ combat troops to Vietnam, his influence was neutralized. Curtis leMay tried to bomb Vietnam back to the Stone Age (with Nixon at the helm) and he dropped more bombs there than during world war 2 because there was no Kennedy to stop him.

History repeated, nobody noticed. That's just a quick synopsis -spend enough time in the archives and you can easily flesh all the details out.

The ultimate lesson of this secret history is that we must all be more like Roosevelt and less like Churchill, if we intend to avert world war 3.

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