How war and life trigger PTSD
By Louis D. Thorpe

Truth about lies

Trump did not create the Republican Cult that currently threatens to destroy democracy, he merely dominated what he inherited. In fact, Rupert Murdoch, Newt Gingrich, Kenneth Starr and the like targeted Bill Clinton the very same way Joe Biden is being targeted today. They were traitors then and they still are because their tactics have not changed. In fact, they have become more extreme and it is time to hold their kind accountable oir else...

In 1998, I contacted the Great Senator Max Cleland, who unfortunately became a victim of the very tactics I sought to warn him about when he lost his Senate seat in 2002. This is what Max wrote in response to my warnings in 1998;

His words ring as urgent and as true today as the day he wrote them. Heed them or ignore them at your own peril.

Max Cleland was a U.S. Senator and Vietnam veteran -a genuine, American hero who served his country with dignity, integrity and honor.

Senator Max Cleland lost both legs and an arm in Vietnam, and losing his Senate reelection campaign to Saxby Chambliss in 2002 reignited the post traumatic stress disorder first triggered by his experience in war.

Talking about "Heart of a Patriot: How I Found the Courage to Survive Vietnam, Walter Reed and Karl Rove," Senator Max Cleland said "what happens to you in war continues with you in life."

Remember that America, because when you ignore the very best and the brightest, you get Karl Rove, Roger Stone and Louis DeJoy. Remember that America, and read this, if you want to know how to restore what is destroyed when heroes like Max Cleland are ignored.

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