Truth about lies
Truth about lies 

Fellow resister, Sidney Poitier died too soon. If anybody had bothered to ask him what he thought about the Trump Cult, he would say that it is the most disgusting and vile threat democracy in America has ever faced and he would be absolutely correct. Did anybody bother to ask him what he thought, before he died?

In 1968, at the height of the Chicago riots, he said, "There are many aspects to my personality that you can explore, I think constructively. But you sit here and ask me such one-dimensional questions about a very tiny area of our lives -you ask me questions that fall continually within the negro-ness of my life -you ask me questions that pertain to the narrow scope of the summer riots. I am artist, man, American, contemporary -I am an awful lot of things so I wish you would pay me the respect due and not simply ask me about those things."

Sidney Poitier the protestor, resisted being labelled a rioter by the media because that was as disrespectful then as it is today, but people like Donald Trump, Jared Kushner and Fox News Pundits evidently still don't get it. In fact, they get it backwards most of the time and perhaps the biggest shame is that even when they are right, nobody ever believes them.

The dramatic irony is that Sidney Poitier survived J. Edgar Hoover but he did not survive Trump and Jared Kushner's current manoeuvres, which are motivated as much by concealing the truth to evade prison as they are about exercising power.

Rest in Power, Sidney Poitier, your memory and constructive accomplishments will never, ever be forgotten.

Finally, let me be very clear that the failure to interview him about January 6, 2021 is an unforgivable media lapse that should make every single journalist in the United States of America, ashamed.

Clearly, the media in the United States has become the joke and it is exclusively responsible for Trumpism and everything else that is wrong with America, today.

Does the media ever intend to become anything beyond a one-dimensional farce?

Let us pick up the slack because the media is obviously too corrupt and or too incompetent to be able to set the record straight. Did Sydney Poitier coincidentally die on the anniversary of the violent, January 6, 2021 insurrection or was he deliberately silenced for the purpose of misdirecting the actual truth of the failed coup? In the context of today's environment, the answer to that question does not even matter because yesterday's insurrectionists are currently seeking to finish the job they began through restricting the right to vote and the depravity of that is in fact enabling violence against people who reject their vile tactics.

Those who actually think that there are no actual casualties to the continual effort to subvert the electoral process through fraud and intimidation are naive to the extreme, and if Sidney Poitier was not in fact murdered because he stood in the way of their vile schemes he'd still be alive today.

Death is not the natural way out when you are a vital and healthy 94 year old. Even Henry Kissinger, who actually looks like he is dead, is still alive. Make no mistake about it, those who murdered Sidney Poitier ought to spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulder because we know who they are, we know what they look like, we know what they sound like and we know what they do.

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