Why is Kenneth Starr still obstructing justice without consequence?
Like Hitler's propagandist, he always compromises the rule of law.

---NOVEMBER 19, 2020


The picture above is a clear reflection of what incompetent people who hijack democracy to fulfill their own peculiar interests look like.

Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, center, talks with Deputy Independent Counsel John Bates, left, and aide Brett Kavanaugh, right, in the Office of the Solicitor General during the Whitewater Investigation on November 13, 1996. That partisan witchhunt eventually morphed into the failure to remove President Bill Clinton from office. Needless to say, it is now very clear that the partisan snipers who are responsible for impeaching Clinton have destroyed irony through the current hypocrisy of excusing Trump's multiple crimes, and in retrospect, that makes former President Clinton look like a saint compared to his lawless critics.

Ken Starr has done a geat deal of damage to the interests of democracy. Why hasn't he been publicly shamed if not prosecuted for obstructing justice over and over and over again? Do people understand the fact that he was essentially the Rudy Giulani of the effort to destroy Bill Clinton. Thankfully, today people are more aware of the partisan hit squad tactics that are deployed in the name of destroying political opponents, and the current effort to destroy Joe Biden through the tactics of lunatics like Rudy Giuliani are falling on deaf ears.

Sadly, even though Bill Clinton survived, the details of his impeachent have been oveshadowed by gossip and the fact that the attempt to remove him from office was absolutely inappropriate has been largely ignored.

In particular, the 'Get Clinton Squad' met regularly at the home of former Justice Department official Ted Olson, a longtime close friend and associate of Kenneth Starr and of Olson's wife Barbara, who was chief counsel for Rep. Dan Burton's House Government Reform and Oversight Committee. Burton's hyperpartisan committee had been noisily conducting investigations of the 'Chinagate' allegations around Democratic Party campaign fundraising and of other alleged Clinton administration transgressions.

The gatherings included: Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth Starr, Federal appeals court judge Laurence Silberman, former judge Robert Bork, Supreme Court associate justice Clarence Thomas, wall street journal editor Robert Bartley, American Spectator editor Emmett Tyrrell, and many other political, partisan snipers.

A glimpse into the Starr/Olson cabal can be found in the July 1997 esquire magazine, in an article by David Brock, titled "Confessions of a Right-Wing Hit Man." Brock was the author of the Scaife-financed Troopergate article in the January 1994 American Spectator, on whose board Ted Olson sat. Brock described how he had been a guest at the wedding of Ted and Barbara Olson in the summer of 1996, where the entire anti-Clinton establishment was on hand, including Starr, former Bush White House Counsel C. Boyden Gray, and the Wall Street Journal's Bartley. Barbara Olson dis-invited Brock from another party at her home a few weeks later--after word had leaked out that Brock's new book was too sympathetic to the First Lady.

The Olsons were the direct link between Starr and the Justice Department permanent bureaucracy around Jack Keeney and Mark Richard. Ted Olson played the central role in putting together Starr's staff and was responsible for the collection of career Justice Department prosecutors who were recruited to Starr's operation. Since Starr himself is not a prosecutor and has never tried a criminal case in his life, he was totally dependent on the thugs whom Olson was responsible for bringing on board.

Olson was also the link between Starr and Paula Jones's attorneys. Olson and Robert Bork played judges in a "moot court" practice session with Jones's lawyers before they argued the Jones v. Clinton case. The practice session was held at the Army-Navy Club in Washington.

There is also a tie-in to Linda Tripp ...she met with Paul Jones's lawyers on the evening before they took President Clinton's deposition. Tripp briefed Jones's lawyers on her conversations with Monica Lewinsky, which were electronically monitored by the FBI under the direction of Starr's office. Tripp's lawyer James Moody, who was hired to put Tripp in contact with Starr, is in the orbit of the rigfht-wing "public interest law firms" tied to Olson and Starr, and which were funded by Scaife. Moody had done legal work for both the Landmark Legal Foundation and for the Washington Legal Foundation--previously known as the Capital Legal Foundation.

Olson and Starr are both part of a tight network of lawyers who work in "conservative" legal foundatons and other organizations. They both sat on the Legal Advisory Council of two such groups; the National Legal Center for the Public Interest and the Washington Legal Foundation--both of which were bankrolled by Scaife.

The politically motivated hit squad that tageted Clinton was essentially lawless, and instead of holding them accountable, especially Kenneth Starr and Ted Olson, they continued to obstruct justice and essentially stole the election in 2000 through a stacked, Supreme Court.

Thankfully, the Americn people were the real jury of Clinton's politically motivated impeachment; 66% of the American people wanted the impeachment stopped, and those who did not should have been shamed and/or prosecuted for obstuction of justice.

On August 20 1998, in an article titled 'Choreogaphy', I wrote, "Monica Lewinsky is scheduled to testify before Starr's grand jury today -yawn, yawn. The media is going to cover it as if Lewinsky is going to be cross-examined or expose anything beyond Starr's script. Who told us and when did we find out? After Lewinsky's last appearance before the grand jury, Jonah Goldberg said that Lewinsky would be called back to testify after Clinton had provided his testimony before the grand jury. How convenient. The Goldbergs have also said that Bruce Lindsey and Vernon Jordan are the probable sources of the "talking points".

Monica Lewinsky, it is widely reported, will appear before the grand jury and will contradict President Clinton. We all know the story about Samson and Delilah, but this is getting ridiculous. Grand jury testimony is supposed to be secret, it isn't supposed to be a forum for scripted testimony that is leaked even before it is given. Moreover, Brett Kavanaugh, Starr's hatchet man, was responsible for leaking grand jury testimony. Why wasn't he prosecuted? The bottom line is this: If Ken Starr used the grand jury to confront the President with clear and convincing evidence that the White House is the source of the 'talking points' document, then Clinton should resign. If Starr thinks that he can sell a load of baloney about 'talking neckties' (the bullshit that conservative scandal sheets promoted) he should get on his high horse and ride out of town because the people have been known to tar and feather a scoundrel or two."

Why do shit shows like Ken Starr get to obstruct justice since at least 1996?

Ken Starr destoyed the Independent Counsel Statute because he acted like an Inquisitor instead of a prosecutor, and that is his sorry legacy. All prosecutors and upholders of the law have a duty in their efforts to prove guilt of offenders to include and fully examine any and all evidence of an exculpatory nature, and if Starr did that, Clinton would have never been persecuted as he was.

Though grave moral issues and private misconduct of public officials are indeed worthy of public awareness and discussion, it is not the job of the government to investigate or to question private matters unless there is substantial factual evidence of criminal wrongdoing. To cross this line is to violate the Bill of Rights guarantee that the government cannot tread on the right to privacy.

Kenneth Starr destroyed irony every time he moved his lips because the purpose of the law is to solve problems, not through theoretical platitudes but through the practical necessity to protect everybody's rights. The law is not the exclusive domain of overzealous crusaders. The resources of the law are strained to the limit and they should always be used with the greatest urgency and priority. Exploiting the law outside the scope of judicial discretion, objectivity and integrity is an abuse of power and an obstruction of justice.


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