Everything under the sun is new when we use history to discover the present.

Unfortunately, people use history to enhance and confirm their opinions and that creates a degree of confusion and turmoil that has been exacberated and made hostile by tribal warfare where the rule of law is subjugated and attacked by the malignant punditry that special interests finance.

In a letter to journalist Ed Sheehan dated January 8, 1963, John Steinbeck wrote, "As for the outraged, forget it. I have known for years that criticism describes the critic much more than the thing criticized. That's as it should be. But I don't think they know it."

In 1954, Steinbeck wrote, "We have always had a McCarthy. I could list names and movements going back to the beginning of our history. And always the end was the same … It changes its name every few years. It always uses the bait of improvement or safety."

Challenges to democracy are not new, but the perception of them always is and that, in the final analysis, is the only thing that will make a difference.

According to the mainstream media, just one week before midterm elections that will determine control of both the House and Senate, Republicans look poised to come away with big wins.

Is that what America wants or needs? These alleged "big wins" are merely an attempt to reverse the failure of the violent, January 6 Coup. Is America prepared to give the republican cult the victory it failed to achieve through the legitimate, electoral process?

Needless to say, the fourth estate has entirely abandoned its mandate to hold the lawless accountable and that obligation and responsibility has consequently fallen upon our shoulders. We have become "the resistance" and all we have is our rhetoric to make it very clear to those who are not influenced by the republican cult, that we refuse to be baited.

Trevor Noah, for example, knows how to make Elon Musk's twitter profitable: "Charge white people to say the N-word. Twitter will be the most profitable company in history. Racists will be taking out loans."

Speaking about the mid-term election, Dan Rather wrote, "What we know right now is that the future of American democracy is on the ballot. Our core principles, our institutions, and our traditions are all at stake. Make no mistake: This country will look very different depending on who wins this election."

Dan Rather used to be mainstream media until he was fired, and he is the best source to determine the reason for that. In his words, "Everybody's entitled to their own opinions, but they're not entitled to their own facts. And the fact is we reported a true story, and we lost our jobs because of that. They got that part of it right."

In other words, Dan Rather could handle the truth. But the mainstream media is proving to be absolutely senile in that regard because it is acting as if America is willingly prepared to reverse the failed outcome of the violent, January 6 Insurrection and that is clearly pure nonsense.

Evidence to the contrary abounds. For example, a federal judge just read a temporary restraining order from the bench blocking Clean Elections USA and its members from engaging in certain activities, like openly carrying firearms or speaking to voters, near drop boxes.

Is that where we are as a society? Are we supposed to cave in to those who abuse the rule of law and use violence and intimidation to scare voters or or we going to stand up for our rights? The media, the courts, law enforcement MAGA supporters and the politicians are letting us down and all we have is ourselves to resist this outrageous, unprecedented and malignant assault on the Constitution of the United States of America.

We the people are bigger and stronger than any judge, any politician and the entire, useless media.

The Supreme Court just blocked Donald Trump's tax returns from being released to the House and if anybody thinks that has not made the Supreme Court absolutely irrelevant, just wait...

And where will we get our guidance from now that everything has failed us? Thankfully, we can always rely upon the always prescient words of John Steinbeck.

"All war is a symptom of man's failure as a thinking animal." ~ John Steinbeck

"These committee men are neither very brave nor very intelligent. They would not attack an organism that defended itself. But they have been quite brave in pursuing rabbits and in effect we have been like rabbits. McCarthy [Senator Joseph McCarthy] went down not because Eisenhower faced him. That is a god damned lie. Eisenhower was scared of him. It took one brave man, Ed Murrow to stand up to him to show that he had no strength...we have had all along the sharpest weapons of all, words, and we did not use them, and I for one am ashamed. I don't think I was frightened but truly, I was careless." ~ John Steinbeck

"...it seemed to me that we were in agreement that the Christian fabric is a strong and ancient tree out of which a number of branches grew, and that one must know the tree before one is capable of climbing to his own personal branch. I wish my son to know the tree. The branch he chooses will be what his feeling, his thought and his nature make desirable and necessary. In this I think we agreed and I still believe that to be so. But I would no more interfere with his choice than I would rob him of any other freedom so long, at least, as his choice is not dictated by fear or ignorance, or social or economic gain. However he must have the tools of choice -knowledge, understanding, humility and contemplation.

I have never felt or uttered contempt for any religion. On the other hand, in religion as in politics I have attacked corruption and hypocrisy and I think in this I have the indisputable example of Jesus, if authority be needed." ~ John Steinbeck

"There are streams in man more profound and dark and strong than the libido of Freud. Jung's libido is closer but still inadequate. I take pleasure in my structures but I don't think them more important except in the doing." ~ John Steinbeck

"In writing, habit seems to be a much stronger force than either willpower or inspiration." ~ John Steinbeck

"Write freely and as rapidly as possible and throw the whole thing on paper. Never correct or rewrite until the whole thing is down. ~ John Steinbeck

"As for Governor Wallace, he is safe from impeachment in the bossom of a legislature hand-picked and exactly like himself. I have thought, however, and I have suggested to friends in the government that Wallace's statements that he could not keep the peace constitutes an abdication of which the Federal government may well take cognizance. I have further suggested and I suggest to you , that the governors' oath in all states includes the promise to defend and carry out the intention of the Constitution of the United States. In his failure to defend the Constitution and indeed in his defiance of the amendments, it seems to me that he could be considered to be in rebellion against his country. Wallace seems to forget that a war was fought on this issue, a war incidentally which people like himself lost.

Finally in the recent sadness at Selma I think Wallace is as guilty of the brutality and the murders as if he held the clubs in his own hands or pulled the triggers with his own finger." ~ John Steinbeck

We have our marching orders.

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