By Louis D. Thorpe

Truth about lies

Truth is rare and you will never find it in the media as long as the forces that conceal it are greater than the ones that expose it. What you know is consequently a product of what you see and read in the media -which is not very much unless you verify everything you hear through careful thought and scrutiny. And who takes or even has the time to do that? The answer is clearly -NOBODY.

Consequently, the premise of this brief is that we are all misinformed. Why? Because we are all dominated by our subjective reality. Do you know what that is?

Your subjective reality is your opinion, your interpretation, your theory, belief/wisdom (or lack thereof) and perception. Some people are in fact so fully brainwashed into believing that their opinions are factual, that they actually say, "perception is reality". Guess what? Perception is anything but reality most of the time.

Objective reality is fact, science, deductive reasoning, practice, knowledge and reality (not perception).

Now that you know the valid standard, let's test it. How many of you are saying, now that Ghislaine Maxwell has been convicted for sex trafficking, it is time to expose the names of her customers.

Perception is not reality. Ghislaine Maxwell did not have customers; she had targets, celebrity rolodex contacts and enablers.

The prosecution and defence in the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell have agreed that her "little black book" of contacts will never be made public. Even the jury was allowed to see only part of it. Secrecy dominates, and if you want the full truth, this is probably as close as you will ever get. Read it if you like to be informed.

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