By Louis D. Thorpe
February 2, 2023

Truth about lies

Alec Baldwin has been formally charged with manslaughter for a fatal shooting that is still absolutely inexplicable.

That is not supposed to happen in a world where reality is supposed to matter.

The District Attorney who is trying to lock Alec Baldwin up for an evident murder she is too incompetent to solve should go back to law school because she is making a fool of herself.

Clearly, the only key to solving this crime is to expose the party who introduced live ammunition to the set outside Santa Fe but a sheriff's office investigation failed to reveal that. Murderers and republican party hoaxters have been slandering and blaming democrats for the crimes they deliberately commit since the 1960's, they have not changed and they continue to try to frame innocent people because they are political motivated crackpots and that is a fact that will never change until those who demonstrate contempt for the rule of law are charged and convicted -starting with their current leader, former President, Donald Trump.

In the meantime, let's review the facts.

Alec Baldwin says he cocked the revolver but never pulled the trigger and it was the job of weapons professionals like Gutierrez-Reed to ensure it was unloaded. That's all we know. And it doesn't take a genius to understand the simple fact that a movie set that had no live ammunition was not in a position to cause the tragic shooting that happened. Consequently, the only relevant question in this case is; who purchased the live ammunition, from where and who introduced it to the set of the Western Movie Rust in 2021? Nothing else makes any difference, under the circumstances.

The DA's Office makes the outlandish assertion that involuntary manslaughter charges are appropriate but that is a republican delusion, it is not a factual foundation under the rule of law. The fact is, the five-year, involuntary manslaughter sentence for use of a firearm did not become New Mexico law until 2022. Consequently, since What appears to be a MAGA-directed plot to make Alec Baldwin look like a murderer happened on October 21, 2021, current charges are absolutely bogus.

The U.S. Constitution's ex post facto clause forbids retroactively punishing people for crimes that did not exist at the time of the offense. Consequently, both Alec Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed are being victimized by a malignant scheme and the DA's failure to solve a murder by exposing the party or parties who are responsible for planting live ammunition on a movie set, does not make what is happening any more palpable.

Republicans have no respect for either the rule of law or the Constitution and they are therefore calling Alec Baldwin a murderer because they always slander all democrats.

And that is not at all surprising in a world where crackpots manufacture alternative realities in effort to destroy their targets. Decent, ordinary people get it. In fact, the typical common sense reaction regarding formal charges against Baldwin is, "I can't make sense as to why Baldwin is charged for manslaughter when it's not his job to clear a gun on a set, and Rittenhouse, who murdered 2 people, is walking free and praised by Lunatics."

The "lunatics" say that Alec Baldwin is a murderer and Kyle Rittenhouse was simply trying to defend himself but that is not reality. It is the universe the media covers when the lunatics take charge of the asylum.

For example, Vish Burra, a top staffer for George Santos was the "navigator" who used his past experience as a software developer to make copies of a laptop so that Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon could make bogus claims about Hunter Biden and foreign business dealings.

The biggest achievement of Vish Burra, who is now Santos' director of operations, was to fraudulently implicate Biden's son in scandal and he now thinks that his penchant for what he calls "activism and institutional infiltration" will convince us all that George Santos is a model citizen.

The truth is, his kind convince us all that somebody of his ilke "infiltrated" the movie set where Baldin worked and falsely implicated him in a tragic death he had absolutely nothing to do with -and you can take that analysis to the Bank.

The truth is, MAGA movement provocateurs are Domestic Terrorists and they need to be rounded up and prosecuted -every single last one of them.

Under the circumstances, and it is a very deep rabbit hole, there is every reason to believe that violent murderers like Kyle Rittenhouse and his handlers are responsible for the death that Baldwin is currently charged with causing and we must all work much harder to expose and prosecute "war room propaganda" criminals who are making an absolute mockery of the entire judicial process.

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